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We put experience in your experience.

Use Mike Wittenstein or one of StoryMiners’ other speakers to keynote an event, introduce a new idea, facilitate an important discussion, lead a brainstorming session, or coach your leaders. We stand at the ready to help you push your ideas forward.

You and your group can expect a great experience working with Mike or anyone on the StoryMiners team. We know how to make your people the heroes of their own story of transformation. Whether you ask us for a well-researched keynote presentation, interactive on-site workshop, field trip, or multi-country facilitation by teleconference, you will get an event purposely designed to get your teams thinking, engaged and working together.

StoryMiners’ keynotes and workshops aren’t just one-off events; they serve a bigger purpose and become part of bigger initiatives, like these:



Wireless Drive-thru

Best Buy

Consultative sales model


Digital flagship store

Barnes & Noble

Omnichannel retail initiative

Alternative Apparel

Shifting culture from product manufacturer to lifestyle brand

University of Phoenix

On-line school goes physical


Adobe Systems

New innovation practices

iPay Technologies, TELUS

Adaptive Business Design


First multimedia on-line advertising network


Holiday Inn Worldwide

First site to take online hotel reservations in real time


Innovation process improvements

Get Your Team To Think. And Inspire Them To Act.
– A StoryMiners Speaker’s Kit

8 Keynotes
11 Workshops/Programs
5 Memorable Add-Ons

StoryMiners’ speakers provoke change long after they’ve
left the stage. This Speaker’s Kit will reveal how we do it.

Speaking Topics

  • The Future of Customer Experience
    What to expect and why it matters
    • how artificial intelligence can help (or hurt) service
    • using the Internet of Things to everyone’s advantage
    • future experience design techniques
  • The Best Experiences In The World
    What makes them work
    • case studies
    • design principles to borrow
    • the amazing connection between story and experience
  • Anticipation + Intelligent Experiences
    Tech that helps you know sooner helps you serve better
    • how to sense what matters
    • the human/tech balance point
    • avoiding ‘creep out’


  • Journey Maps
    Get everyone focused on your customer
    • how-to + mapping vs. design
    • stages, segments, encounters, clues
    • manual techniques vs. software
    • usable deliverables
  • Experience 2021
    Imagine your future
    • envision the customer-facing elements
    • align the operational details
    • make the business adaptive
    • video report-outs
  • Undercover Customer
    See how your experience looks, works, and feels
    • guided by a StoryMiners designer
    • get the evidence + insights you need
    • develop action plans
    • perfect complement to your analytics

Mike Wittenstein was customer experience before customer experience was cool.

Since 1998, he has been designing and developing experiences that differentiate brands and deliver bottom-line results. When it comes to experience design and story, Mike is the go-to advisor for leaders who want to see a more robust future early—and make it happen.

Everywhere he looks, Mike  sees the opportunities companies miss to create meaningful experiences with their customers. Experiences that generate strong impressions, new word-of-mouth stories, and bottom-line growth. Fluent in four languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian), Mike knows the value of nuance when it comes to communicating feelings and emotions—the essence of any good branded experience.

He has also learned the power of story to guide people to their own discoveries about new things—like your new service, brand, company, or product.

Onstage with Mike

Enhance your group’s learning and document their progress by having a graphic recorder on-stage to capture the key messages. These highly talented artists translate what’s said into energetic sketches everyone can relate to and remember—long after the event ends. Witnessing a picture as it is created helps attendees’ brains imprint the message in a richer and deeper way—as an experience. The end result is everyone on the same page.

Our Clients Say It Best!

“Mike is an amazing customer experience visionary. He was a major force behind our interactive customer strategies and really elevated the level of strategic thinking, resulting in tangible value for clients.”
MICHELLE BATTEN, Senior Strategy Consultant, IBM, USA
“Mike is a great speaker and presenter…He is one of the best in the business…you can’t go wrong using Mike.”
PAT HALY, President, National Personnel Services, USA
“Mike is a great communicator…a great storyteller…you can learn so much is just a short amount of time with him.”
JORGE OLIVEIRA, Project Manager, Ideiateca, PORTUGAL
“We were absolutely thrilled with Mike Wittenstein’s performance at our e-commerce conferences this year. Mike truly inspired our audiences. We were amazed by his ability to capture a relatively shy and quiet Danish audience and excite them.”
ANNE LISBETH RAAHØJ, Marketing Coordinator, Post Danmark, DENMARK
“Mike’s laid back style makes him easy to listen to and interact with. Mike made us think!”
JOE NOONAN, Executive Board, Business Marketing Association, USA
“Mike is a true leader in the customer experience industry. The lead up to the event was one of the best experiences a conference producer can have. Very engaging style of presenting…interactive and engaging.”
AZADEH AKBARI, Conference Producer, Marcus Evans, UK
“Mike is an inspiring thought leader on Customer Experience and a fabulous facilitator who, every time I meet him, has a remarkable number of creative and practical ideas for us to implement. He’s both professional and fun to work with.”
MARTIN VAN KRIMPEN, Customer Experience Manager, LeasePlan, THE NETHERLANDS
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