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To connect experiences to customers


Each year, Adobe Systems (makers of Acrobat, PhotoShop and many new enterprise-level marketing products like Sensei) brings over 3,000 of its people to San José for its annual conference. This year right after the event, several dozen team members applied Human Prototyping® to advance ideas that let them work better between departments.


The self-professed inventor of the chicken sandwich is already a rock star at quick service, culture, and hospitality. As Dan Cathy took over from his father, Truett, he added innovation to the company’s core value set. StoryMiners used Human Prototyping® to help the in-house innovation team innovate even better—in waiting lines, in the drive-thru, and in the field.

Jim Ellis Automotive Group

President Jim Ellis wanted to raise the bar on his family’s “Expect the Best” brand promise. Going Undercover and a Future Story supplied information for a Keynote Presentation at the annual sales meeting that captured everyone’s attention and began the change process. Afterwards, StoryMiners helped with Executive Coaching to help the new ideas gain momentum.

To progress quickly using Story-as-Strategy

Américas Empresarial (Colombia)

Participants at this annual customer experience event wanted to go deeper than theory. So, StoryMiners created a Story-as-Strategy group workshop for 200 marketing professionals to understand where theory stops and the real work begins. The groups’ efforts focused on the famous Colombian brand, Hamburgesa El Corral. Twenty teams explored different aspects of the brand’s move to South Florida, resulting in outlines for multiple future-state restaurant experience designs and implementation plans along the way.

Institute of Management Consultants

This 50 year-old non-profit association needed to find its North Star. We used interviews, Future Stories, and a Reason for Being exercise that yielded IMC’s future state. Now, there’s a road map for the next 50 years.

To share an experience around the world

Beeline Telecommunications (Russia)

Russia’s largest telco wanted to give its normally-slow-to-adopt-new-tech customers reasons to try the new services they were bringing to market. StoryMiners found the right approach for a case-study-filled keynote presentation, then fielded a team of speakers to educate and inspire—in English and in Russian—in Russia’s eight largest cities. This assignment also included 1:1 client meetings and media events.

Retail Design Institute (Brazil, US)

StoryMiners developed and delivered a custom keynote presentation to introduce retail designers to the ideas around building intelligent experiences. This multi-city tour helped focus the conversation globally and was a big advantage for the sponsor.

Marcus Evans (Australia)

This global business conference company wanted to explore the viability of Customer Experience in the Australia  market. We used then state-of-the-art webinar technology to not only deliver the information, but to really connect with each attendee.

To win adoption of new ideas

Armstrong Flooring

America’s leading manufacturer of commercial and residential flooring surfaces wanted a way to bring customer experience to the attention of the marketing teams. StoryMiners created a future-state scenario involving 3-D printed floors to teach Journey Mapping and Customer Experience Design principles.

Chain Store Age

This Lebhar-Friedman publication caters to those who design, build, and maintain retail facilities. We crafted a custom keynote presentation on top retail experience trends to help attendees forge better connections with the strategists, marketers, and technologists at their respective home offices.

To see the future more clearly


Before this high-tech, road-warrior-friendly hotel brand opened its doors, Mike helped engineer the guest experience from end-to-end. With the help of IBM designers (Mike was the company’s eVisionary at the time), they showed the future-state hotel experience aa video so that everyone could see the practical application and advantages of IBM’s tech.

Conner Partners

This international change management consultancy needed to understand first-hand the impact of an upcoming practice management software choice. We modeled their Story As Strategy and Employee Experience to show the partners the potential benefits and impact.

To get everyone on the same page

iPay Technologies

iPay was growing at 100% and needed to attract top execs from larger markets. We designed and helped introduce an Employee Welcoming Experience that landed a new team—and an Adaptive Business Design that led to new results. iPay maintained their blistering growth rate a couple of more years then became the largest private company sale in Kentucky’s history.

PartnerTech (Sweden)

The leadership team at this 12-nation contract manufacturing firm is made up of type A personalities. It’s not easy to get everyone on the Same Page, but that’s what StoryMiners did at a series of international strategy facilitation sessions. Learning the subtle differences that define value at the company is what let them build more trust internally and with their customers.

To share negative findings in a positive light

International Sleep Products Association

The sleep products industry needed a revitalization to differentiate their business and inspire members to make significant improvements in their businesses. We went undercover to shop many stories and websites. Then, we used that information as a wake-up message for attendees at the annual meeting. Delivering negative findings during a Keynote Presentation is tough, but we made it informative and, with examples of what might be in the future, we made it hopeful.