Human Prototyping®

No good early idea can survive PowerPoint. Why? It’s strictly designed for high-level communications. Human Prototyping uniquely captures the rich details that make an idea or an experience come alive. With your idea and your real customers together with our experience designers, theatre actors, and directors, on stage, everyone will be able to see your idea in its best light, get on the same page, and really want to pitch in to make it real. Human Prototyping reduces errors, reduces resistance, and enhances the likelihood of success when it comes to putting a new service/ experience idea into the marketplace. Human Prototyping is like an insurance policy for new ideas that helps you work out kinks in service delivery and experience design before writing code, training staff, or starting implementation and build-out at hundreds or possibly thousands of locations.

Consider Human Prototyping for:

  • Developing new services
  • Finding the right story
  • Improving sales training
  • Rehearsing big deal negotiations
  • Exploring customer sentiment
  • Speeding innovation

The applications are endless. Please ask us about your specific ideas!