Transformation Tours

If your team is made up of see-it-then-believe-it types, trying something new can prove difficult. A Transformation Tour accelerates the ‘What-is-our-brand’s-future?’discussion by taking your team on in-person visits to other brands that have conquered the same issues you are facing. Ones that have inspiring customer and employee experiences your team can learn from. At each stop, your team will get the customer experience, go behind the scenes to understand the employee experience, then go into the boardroom to learn first-hand about the leader-level decisions it took to get there. To conclude the experience, we host a discussion that starts translating learnings from the tour into action for your business. Transformation tours are available in most metropolitan areas around the world.

Imagine a select group of senior executives visiting handpicked firms renowned for their commitment to and success in delivering world-class customer experiences.

At each site, the team gets front-line insights into the customer and employee experiences. Then, leaders from that firm provide a behind-the-scenes tour of the firm, openly sharing their customer experience (CX) journey.

Expect to hear how they got genuine commitment from the leadership team, how they crafted the change journey and how they addressed the various roadblocks and barriers along the way. You will feel like you’ve earned five years of experience in less than a week. That’s CX Tours in a nutshell.