The bottom line isn’t the only line.

We understand the value of getting results for our clients. In fact, we’ve documented over $1.6 billion in value earned for them. We also understand that bottom line results aren’t the only results that matter. Customers don’t measure stock price, inventory turns, earnings per share, or calculate Pareto Curves before they make purchases. They decide based on value, service, promises kept, quality, and ease of doing business. They decide on what they feel.

Storyminers practices the kind of design that leaves companies—and their customers—better off economically and individually. We believe it’s our duty as designers to help our clients discover new ways to create new kinds of value for their clients. We’re especially good at that ;-)

Think about this: in 2016, 86% of customers are expected to make most of their brand choice decisions on the experiences they receive. Investing in your customer’s experience yields the best returns you can get for your business.