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Maybe you have an idea, but don’t know how to make it happen. Or, maybe it’s time to “shake things up” in your organization. No matter where you are in trying to make your company stand out from the crowd, we have a way to bring your thoughts and ideas to life.

Story As Strategy

We capture who you are, how you are, and why you are—
in a way that’s relevant to customers, staff—
and to your bottom line.
With your story in hand, everything becomes easier.

Story/Experience Framework
(Reason for Being,
Emotional Outcomes)
Future Story
Going Undercover
Customer Understanding

Experience Design

We find the details that make you different and better;
then turn that into an experience
your team can deliver anytime and anywhere.

Human Prototyping®
See What You Say™
Customer Experience Design
Employee Experience Design
FRED: Future Retail Experience Design
Experience Incubator/Accelerator
Experience Makeover
Journey Mapping
3D Journey Mapping

Strategy + Adoption

We give you very clear picture of
your future state and how things will work.
Best of all, your teams will know
what’s expected of them
and how to organize their efforts.

Story as Strategy
Human Prototyping®
Second Opinion
Going Undercover
Promise Map
Executive + Team Coaching
Adaptive Business Design
Transformation Tours
Experience Incubator/Accelerator

Using words that resonate
and hands-on activities people remember,
we activate your ideas—
blending in some of our own.

Keynote Presentations
Interactive Workshops
Media Events
Select Client List
Speakers Kit
Book a Speaker

Human Prototyping: One of StoryMiners’ Exclusive Services

Human Prototyping® let’s you make customer – focused decisions about service design and delivery
earlier and with higher confidence than ever before.
How Pirch Delivers Next-gen Service : Emphasizing
Culture Over Tech
– A StoryMiners White Paper

3 do’s.
3 dont’s.
Lots of stunning pictures.

If you want to see an experience done right, from the culture to the store to the associates, this white paper will inspire your heart and your brain.