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Mike Wittenstein, founder and managing partner of Storyminers, speaks frequently at domestic and international events. His topics help retail, service, tech, and B2B companies find their story, improve their experiences, and make their businesses better. When asked, Mike dives head-first into research, becoming a cultural scientist of sorts, discovering essential stories — the ones that resonate with customers. He doesn’t limit himself to traditional research — he goes behind the scenes, visiting stores, talking to customers, really getting his hands dirty, trying to get to the root of WHY customers are having the experience they are having. Then, he shares those stories as experiences that motivate employees to align with the bigger picture. The results? More story-worthy experiences and a better bottom line.

With over 400 speaking engagements around the globe, you won’t find another speaker that understands customer experience like Mike.

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Meet Mike Wittenstein

He is passionate about his craft(s). In fact, Mike is the only person in the world to hold the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP®), Certified Management Consultant (CMC®), and Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP®) designations; the highest earned designations in these three different professions.
He doesn’t just speak fluently in several languages about creating customer experience; he helps you live it from your customer’s and employee’s perspectives. Then, he shows you how to improve it. He understands customers and helps businesses around the world better understand them better. His approach goes beyond studying the average customer or organizational culture, he dives deep into research and won’t stop until he cracks the cultural code. He gets the multicultural human condition.
Mike is the founder and managing principal at Storyminers in Atlanta, GA. He and his team help retail and service firm leadership teams improve their customer experiences with a unique combination of experience, service, and business design. He’s a family man, speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian, and squeezes in furniture design/build projects on the weekends.


Mike is sensitive to different cultures having lived outside the US for two years. He speaks English, International English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Million Impressions


  • “We were absolutely thrilled with Mike Wittenstein’s performance at our e-commerce conferences this year. Mike truly inspired our audiences. We were amazed by his ability to capture a relatively shy and quiet Danish audience and excite them.”

    - Anne Lisbeth Raahøj -
  • “Mike is a true leader in the customer experience industry. The lead up to the event was one of the best experiences a conference producer can have. Very engaging style of presenting…interactive and engaging.”

    - Azadeh Akbari -
  • “Mike delighted our audience…adapted his stories very well…and cared about the success of the overall conference.”

    - Christiani Cruz de Oliveira -
  • “Mike is a great speaker and presenter…He is one of the best in the business…you cant’ go wrong using Mike.”

    - Pat Haly -
  • “Mike is an amazing customer experience visionary. He was a major force behind our interactive customer strategies and really elevated the level of strategic thinking, resulting in tangible value for clients.”

    - Michelle Batten -
  • “Mike’s laid back style makes him easy to listen to and interact with. Mike made us think!”

    - Joe Noonan -
  • “Mike is a great communicator…a great storyteller…you can learn so much is just a short amount of time with him.”

    - Jorge Oliveira -
  • “Mike delivered. He quickly and truly connected. He held everyone’s attention.”

    - Debbie Rodkin -


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