Always make your customer the hero.

Humans are wired for stories.

When people find stories that resonate with them, they remember them. The best stories aren’t just told, they are supported by clues that demonstrate authenticity. The best stories come from the best experiences. Those are the ones that get shared. In a sense, experiences are the birthplace of word-of-mouth.

At Storyminers, we help leaders articulate their business models from their customer’s perspectives using stories that clarify the future state. We put the customer in the role of hero. When the story revolves around them, they get the confidence that the model or idea will work.

We help our clients make the right promises with their brands—the ones that matter most to customers—and keep them throughout their operations. This helps them earn and maintain customer loyalty, and makes them more competitive.

We don’t ‘manufacture’ stories. Everything we do for you is real. We listen to what your customers want most, then craft resonating stories with your experience and business model as the main characters. Stories that will attract your customers and clients, engage your internal teams, and yield powerful results on the bottom line—all at the same time. You can count on us to discover, define and introduce the stories that distinguish your brand and make you stand above your competition.