Behind every great experience is a business designed to deliver it.

The best strategy is to become agile.

Your business must be designed on purpose to create value for your customers and to deliver the kind of experiences they want. Since customers’ desires aren’t static, your business must be responsive. Agility is essential to remain relevant.

Storyminers has a framework that presents business strategy as a design. A design everyone can understand, relate to, and use to get on the same page. Imagine your front-line and back-of-house teams operating in unison using a framework that is visual, simple, and adaptive. So, when things change (and they will), your business systems and your people will adapt—quickly and naturally.

To get to agile, Storyminers thinks about abundance, not scarcity. This ‘design thinking’ perspective built into our methods lets us introduce clearly defined capabilities into your business so that it gets easier to operate. With it, delivering new experiences becomes more natural, comfortable, and profitable.

Collaboration is key. Setting the right strategy and supporting design in place isn’t something consultants can do in a vacuum. It’s not something we can dictate for you to execute either. Good business design requires us to listen extremely well (we do that ;-) and for your teams and ours to collaborate. Working together always yields the best results in the shortest time.