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Katherine Boccaccio, Executive Director, Chain Store Age/SPECS

Mike Wittenstein is billed as an expert on taking big ideas and showing us how to apply them—and that is precisely what he provided for us. As the closing keynote speaker at our conference for retail headquarters executives who work in design, construction and facilities management, he fully customized his program to focus on what they wanted to learn. He arrived early to get to know them better and, during his program, walked around the floor to connect with everyone. Mike was engaging, entertaining and approachable. He was exactly what I wanted and that’s why I have invited him to speak at a second conference next year as well.

Phil Schultz, Vice President of Strategy, TELUS

As Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company, we needed someone who aligned with our values, spoke our language, and would challenge our thinking. Mike Wittenstein helped us understand how creating more value for our customers ultimately creates more value for us. Then, he helped us turn that idea into programs we can act on. We defined our guideposts for future exploration, articulated our operating principles, and are following a step-by-step roadmap for design of The TELUS Experience 3.0. Mike is thoughtful, flexible and very organized. He skillfully managed a five-city video teleconference with our mid-managers and senior leadership. Mike jumpstarted our thinking, helped us stretch further than we thought we could, and allowed us to end the day with everyone on the same page.

Dave Schneider, Vice President of Global Marketing, University of Phoenix

While VP/Global Marketing at Apollo Group, I hired Mike to help us design a branded student experience for a key corporate strategic initiative to introduce a new blended learning model across our global network of universities. Quite simply, Mike delivered remarkable value to help us define and deploy a detailed customer experience map that was on-strategy, differentiating, compelling and scalable across geographies and languages. To boot, he delivered on an accelerated time frame and within the budget guidelines permitted. From the moment Mike took hold of the assignment, he owned it and drew upon his extensive CE design knowledge to ensure superior value to our organization and effort. From facilitating an initial, cross-functional ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ state ideation session, to pulling together and leading a team of freelance designers that detailed a map of the most powerful intersections in which students would derive demonstrable value, Mike was a pro. In the end, Mike’s work through the StoryMiner’s Team became the foundation for the operations guidelines for our new effort; an effort that is now in pilot in two, key international markets.

Ted Wright, Founder/CEO, FIZZ

Mike is flat out one of the smartest, most insightful people in business today. Everytime I meet with Mike I come away smarter, more grounded and with a list of actionable items that increase net revenue.

Mark Forman, VP of Customer Experience, Jefferson National

The financial services industry can be rather dry but still fraught with emotions, including shame, envy and greed. StoryMiners taught us that ignoring these emotions can be deadly and why it’s so important to invest in making sure our advisors and their clients have a great experience.

Michael Barrack, President, iPay Technologies

Mike worked for iPay Technologies on several engagements, helping guide our fast growing company with important tools and language for helping the company grow effectively as it grew at a blistering pace. He helped us become an adaptive enterprise that developed the process capabilities we needed when we needed them, and helped us better define the experience we wanted our new managers and associates to have when joining our company. Mike is astute in his insights, and brilliant at seeing what his clients may not see because they are “too close to it.” Mike will shake things up for your organization in a good way, in a way that delivers lasting results.

Deborah Shipman, Executive Women International

He introduced a higher level of business practices that were easy to implement. We have had significant growth and a motivated team due to Mike’s help.

Caroline Hotmer, President, ACE Resources

Our members were fully engaged by the information you presented and energized by the
possibilities you proposed. The enthusiasm with which you shared your message was
contagious. Your message was fun, relevant and timely.

Juan Carlos Ramirez, Event Producer, ACEI

Mike has a special gift—one that I have only rarely seen among consultants—which is to get to concrete ideas and actionable solutions with an all-encompassing vision for the business

Dirk Shaw, Co-Founder, Aperio

Mike’s ability to simply complexity is second to none. I have hired Mike to develop brand stories for both early stage startups as well as mature business and the results were stellar.

Curt Johnson, President, BlueFire Marketing

I attended a 2015 CXPA seminar of Mike’s, jointly hosted by StoryMiners. The seminar was a reflection of the StoryMiners company culture and Mike’s leadership abilities — dynamic, broad, engaging, attractive and practical. By using real business people and real actors combined, this Human Prototyping® workshop allowed us to role play in a non-traditional environment and really break down the barriers between technology and people. I will use Mike again for future endeavors, as well as Human Prototyping®. StoryMiners has been in business for 15 years for a reason — Mike is really good at what he does!

Mark Michelson, Leader, CXPA

Mike is a delight for audiences – he is engaging and entertaining. His experience and knowledge on a variety of topics is clearly evident in the way he easily communicates with audiences of any size.


Tom Barber, Vice President of Marketing, decisionpoint systems

Mike is an extremely creative business consultant who is expert at both introducing new, even radical ideas and at winning the necessary organizational support to realize them. His “sleeves rolled up” working style yielded great results for our firm. Mike and his team at StoryMiners nailed our name, positioning, story, and experience. Motorola, our #1 vendor, just named us 2007 Partner Select Partner of the Year and we thank Mike for his part in that.

Ben Smith, Event Producer, The Focus Group

Mike has appeared at two events I have organised. His passion for Customer Experience shines through all he does; but he is modest and self-effacing about his numerous skills and seeks to give to others, rather than cover himself in glory. Delegates received much in the way of practical advice from him – he really is someone who wishes to impart knowledge in a helpful, constructive fashion and I cannot recommend him highly enough as a speaker and as a consultant.

Joseph Grove, Vice President of Content, Retail Customer Experience

Off-the-charts smart, professional and creative. He’s added value to every task and project where we’ve collaborated.

Marcia Hociko, Managing Director, LeasePlan México

What I liked best about working with Mike was the way he tackled big problems and turned them into even bigger opportunities. He has a fantastically creative approach to solving problems and increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.

Monica Compton, Founder/President, Pinnacle Productions

StoryMiners is the best I know at creating powerful customer experiences through a thorough knowledge of the client’s brand. Mike and his team at StoryMiners produce a creative plan that forwards his client’s growth and marketability. Their adaptability to many industries makes the company diverse and flexible to your needs. Mike is a very approachable person who freely shares his knowledge and helps others to succeed.

Lou Carbone, CEO, Experience Engineering

There aren’t enough opportunities to encounter and work with people like Mike Wittenstein. He is a breath of fresh air. Mike’s ability to quickly envision the big picture while focusing his and others’ work efforts on the details that lead to progress is phenomenal.

David Ing, Senior Consultant, IBM

Mike is the ultimate creative business person. He has innate intuitions on new ways to create value, and the energy to generate enthusiasm in the most jaded managers. He’s comfortable both in large-company and senior executive team settings. He shares his ideas freely, and ensures teammates get credit when due. It’s fun to work with Mike, and he can be counted upon when the going gets tough.

Wayne Cerullo, Founder/President, b2b partners

In only a few brief moments with Mike on the phone, I was able to sense that Mike was gifted in his ability to discern nuggets of truth as well as to articulate them concisely and compellingly. When it comes to hearing and telling a story, I believe Mike can do more in a few minutes than many do in a day.

Caleb Clark, CEO, Wildfire (a Google Company)

StoryMiners has been a great company to work with! Mike and his team did an excellent job and brought a lot of value to our sales process. You won’t find a team that cares more about their clients and their clients’ results!