1Habit of the World’s Greatest Leaders

How did you meet Steven Sambliss?

He reached out to me on LinkedIn about two years ago. He was researching a virtual training concept and looking for funding. The original concept was a year or two early, then the pandemic hit. Now he’s proven the great potential of the 1Habit concept, and he’s really running with it. It’s both an editorial slant and a publishing production system. He’s fundraising and I’m excited about where his ideas are headed.

How did Steven approach you regarding this book, what convinced you to be a part of it?

Steven told me that the minds of many are wiser than the mind of one. He told me that in each book he would put a single focus to the wisdom of multiple authors. Each title is designed to inspire individuals to change just one habit. Just changing one habit, Steven explained, could change who they are, change the trajectory of their lives, and create value for others along the way.

What convinced me to be a part of it? I liked his logic. Also, I’m a big fan of paying things forward. Check. And trying new things. Another check. Steven is also a great salesperson. I knew that whatever he landed on, he would be able to sell it into existence. In sales, he’s one of the good guys, not the hype-filled kind of salesperson. And, he has no shortage of energy.

Can you give us a sneak peek at the chapter you wrote?

It’s coming out May 28, so it won’t be a secret for long. My leadership topic is about negotiating to learn, not just to earn. In the short chapter I flesh out one of Storyminers’ best practices which is that each time we have a project, we settle on what we’ll do and how much we’ll make. Then, we speak with our clients about what they want to learn on top of that. There’s no charge and the learning is usually two-way. If you’re mindful about what you learn, you can adapt your business (or personal life) trajectory, create new opportunities, and become a smarter more capable person. In a nutshell, what you learn is what you become.

Have you read the entire book yet?

No, it’s not published yet. But it will be on May 28th. I can’t wait to see what others have to say. In the United States, we have this collective understanding that are only a few leaders. Leaders are very rare. I disagree and I feel that Steven feels the same way. All of us have leadership in us. We just have to let it out, practice it, and own it. 1Habit of the World’s Greatest Leaders will give readers the opportunity to compare their thinking with about 100 others’. My hope is that this book (first printed in English, then in other languages) will spark tens of thousands of people to own the leadership they already have. I hope that my chapter will help them to learn on purpose to grow their skills and influence.

Can we expect future collaborations?

I would love it. The first collaboration, I did with Steven was his very first title “100 Habits from the Happiest Achievers on the Planet,” published in 2019. “1Habit of the World’s Greatest Leaders” will be my second. If there is a third, I hope it will be on shaping the future using stories to share strategies.

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