50 Customer Experience Blogs You Should Be Reading

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A personalized, engaging customer experience is critical for the success of any marketing initiative in the modern landscape. Big Data and analytics enable marketers to formulate these enriched experiences for more effective lead generation, nurturing, and eventually conversion as prospects reach the end of the buyer’s journey.

Creating amazing customer experiences is at the top of the priority list for many marketers, a necessity for staying ahead of the competition in today’s highly competitive landscape in many industries. In short, it’s the businesses that knock it out of the park with customer experience management that lead the pack in their respective industries.

With the abundance of information on Big Data, analytics, predictive modeling, and the many other technologies that enable stellar customer experience management, it’s tough to filter through the noise and identify the most valuable blogs and resources to help you navigate the process of creating great customer experiences. We’ve searched the far corners of the web to identify 50 of the most comprehensive, informative, and valuable blogs with up-to-date, spot-on information and research about customer experience management. Listed in no particular order of importance, the following 50 blogs are must-reads for any marketer who wants to deliver an amazing customer experience.

19. Mike Wittenstein

Mike Wittenstein helps companies solve problems, beginning with the customer experience. For more than 20 years, his services have focused on human-centric design, which is proven to multiply the return to a company in all areas. Wittenstein shares his unique perspectives, experiences, and insights with readers through his blog, which covers customer experience strategy, customer experience design, customer loyalty, customer engagement, and a variety of related subjects.


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