7 Habits of Highly Effective Professional Speakers

by Caitlin Delohery

You already know you have to rock the platform. But to be a truly successful professional speaker, you also have to strengthen your network, grow your business, anticipate the future, and much more. We sat down with some of the most successful professional speakers in the business to find out the keys to their success. Here’s what top speakers do to thrive.

Mike Wittenstein, CSP, CMC, DTM, CCXP, international conference speaker, corporate consultant, and founder of Storyminers, describes the many hats a professional speaker may wear in a single day. “A professional speaker doesn’t just speak, a professional speaker runs a business. Often, they run every part of their business. Each day, you’ll be involved in all the things that matter – from finding clients to building new content, from staying up-to-date on current trends to providing thought leadership for your audiences.”

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