Amazon introduces Just Walk Out technology in its new no-checkout-required retail concept

Amazon introduces Just Walk Out technology
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Just Walk Out Technology is being introduced by Amazônia as part of its Amazon GO retail concept on the West Coast. Basically, you can buy without queuing and without going through the checkout. A combination of technologies (for example, as used in self-driving cars) is used to figure out what you pick up and put in the cart or on your back. As soon as you leave the store, your order is totaled, your Amazon Prime account is billed, and you receive a receipt on your phone. All you have to do is – go. The store is currently open to employees only. That should change in 2017. Here’s the video:



Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? You might ask yourself, “How can a company, even one as great as Amazon, take this whole concept and make it a reality?” It’s not easy, and Amazon moves mountains to come to life. To run pilots like this, retailers need to coordinate the activities of multiple departments into a new customer experience that works seamlessly. What departments are affected? These are just a few:

store planning
supply chain
Shelves, lighting, signage
real estate
Digital Only Box Packaging
computerized vision
deep learning algorithms
sensor fusion

But Amazon did not conceive of Just Walk Out technology. The idea has roots that go back nearly 20 years… roots that Amazon is building… and roots that your company can also use in its own projects. Companies that fail to introduce new shopping technologies or self-driving cars may also surprise their customers and shareholders.

TESCO’s HomeGoods brand placed previously unused South Korean metro tunnels to be used as a virtual store that commuters used as a catalog when they went to work. Go to the item you want using an app on your phone, scan the codes and receive groceries on your doorstep before you get home from work. Better than the model given by Amazon, this allows you to avoid the exit parts, shipping and payment of purchases. Take a look at his video:



Perhaps the version of IBM’s eBusiness concept of purchase or commercial concept appears on television in 11999. In this 60-second concept, viewers are going to raise a commercial client who cashes an original client who is stealing simple items from the past. within her shelter from him, as regular customers and employees watch and become more suspicious. When selling from the store, he uses special effects to show that a “machine” is scanning for him and his groceries. Or video face with that or concept sea complete and fun at the same time. The video ends with “Payment lines. Who needs them? This is the future of eBusiness.” Almost like Amazon…


If you’re struggling with ideas for your own business, ideas that can set your future direction or separate or rest, you might like to know there are tools and services available to help you dream big and build faster. Em Storyminers, various building services for the right futures: FRED (Future Retail Experience Design), HUMAN PROTOTYPING® (Imagine Big Ideas Without Big Expenses), EXPERIENCE DESIGN (Get the Details Right) and IoT MAKEOVER (Let your teams participate in how your company can work smarter using Internet das Coisas). Interested? just raised your hand


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