Thrive on Black Friday

thrive on Black Friday
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Every year, we have another Black Friday. They just seem to be getting longer.
Did you know that Black Friday traces its roots to a mini human-engineered stock market crash in 1869? That was when the term was introduced, but its use for the day-after-Thanksgiving discount day started in the 1950s

What’s interesting to me as an experience designer, strategist, and long-time marketing guy is how quickly Black Friday is changing. First, it’s getting longer. What used to be a single day, morphed into two (Black Monday for online sales), then became a week and now a Halloween-to-New-Years season of consumption.

The people behind the scenes that run Black Friday sales set their companies advertising strategies, and have revenue goals from their department heads are hyper-focused on getting you to fill up your cart, buy subscriptions, and tell your friends.

Interestingly, many aren’t thinking about the customer side of things. That’s what I address in this podcast with Jim Rembach, the guru behind Customer Service Weekly and it’s podcast. Why not listen in and hear about four specific strategies that will help you deliver a better experience for customers, take the strain off of call center and chat representatives, and add back to the bottom line—all at the same time? After you’re done listening to me, you’ll enjoy eight other colleagues’ opinions!


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