Customer Experience Radio Welcomes: Mike Wittenstein with Storyminers and Alan Jones with HiFi Buys join Jill Heineck on Customer Experience Radio

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Aren’t we all really in the customer experience business? During the 20+ years in residential real estate and corporate relocation, the #1 cornerstone of Jill’s business has always been the experience she and her team delivers. Little did she know that this strategy that would become a leading best practice for the world’s greatest businesses to survive in the future. This inspired Jill to interview big business as well as top CX professionals who are leveraging strategies to deliver a superior customer experience, and to share their stories with the business community at large. Join Jill every third Wednesday at 10AM at

Mike Wittenstein is the Founder and Chief Experience Designer/Storyteller at Storyminers. About 20 years ago he learned that great stories (about you or your brand) come from great experiences (with you or your brand). So, the better the experience, the better the story. A great experience is truly the birthplace of word-of-mouth. That’s always been important, but in today’s driven-at-the-speed-of-social-media world, it’s more than true. It’s essential to future success. Mike has helped about 700 companies understand the power of combining story and experience with purpose since starting Storyminers in 2002.

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