Be Found: How Moosend helps our marketing strategy

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In this category of Storyminers’ blog, we talk about the client-facing and back-end tools that have helped us create our clients’ experiences.

For 20+ years, many have considered email to be the most efficient way to turn strangers into customers.

Now, there are hundreds of sites and technologies companies can use to communicate with prospects.

It’s no wonder that email doesn’t work for every kind of business and each age group. But for B2B between adults, email remains the anchor tool for almost any campaign. So, picking the right tools is essential.

At Storyminers, we believe the definition of marketing has changed from selling to finding. Here’s what that means. It used to be the marketer’s responsibility to find prospects for the sales team. The exercise used to be routine because most people had only one phone number and one address. And both were easy to find. Now, the smarter play is to focus on being found. Marketing brainpower focuses on being present, where your clients and prospects tend to look. It’s the brand’s job to be in the right places at the correct times to make customers’ jobs easier.

Storyminers maintains a presence in several social channels:

LinkedIn Facebook Twitter YouTube Vimeo

We have built most of our relationships personally (using Verizon, Comcast, Outlook, Moosend, VideoAsk, and LinkedIn). However, emails remain our workhorse. We rely on email to keep people lightly informed and make it easy for them to find us anywhere they want to.

In our monthly newsletters, we often refer to content that lives in our other channels. That’s by design. Social links give our readers context and control over how much time they want to spend with our content and ideas.

Recently we’ve started using Moosend. It makes everything extra easy for us, comfortable for those on our lists, and trackable.

We chose Moosend to become a central part of our communication strategy because it’s:

  • easy to learn
  • easy to use
  • plays nicely with our other tools
  • helps us avoid mistakes (with some nifty error avoidance tech)
  • good at tracking what’s working
  • careful about not overcommunicating

We keep Moosend because it

  • hasn’t failed us
  • delivers regular enhancements
  • is backed by excellent customer support

In the not-too-distant future, we’ll revise this blog post to share some of our real results with you.

Moosend is an affiliate partner with us. But that’s not why we’re doing this blog. We know we’re lucky to have excellent partners, and we want you to have access to them too!

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