A Value-Driven Approach to Booking More Speaking Gigs

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The question of how to book more speaking gigs is a common one among professional speakers. What can you be doing to keep your pipeline full and your calendar busy? Besides taking
the right steps to ensure you’re operating with a business owner’s mindset, of course booking those gigs will come down to your appeal with potential clients.  Staying on top of trends and understanding what it is that clients are looking for out of a speaker are excellent ways to ensure that you can take a value-driven approach. What might that approach look like? Here are a few thoughts:

Understand desired business outcomes

Mike Wittenstein, CSP, CMC, DTM, CCXP, international conference speaker, corporate consultant, and founder of Storyminers, chatted with us a little while ago about the habits of effective speakers and what he sees happening in the future of the industry. A growing trend he identified is that businesses are desiring more in the way of tangible business outcomes through booking speakers. Companies are accelerating their use of speakers as agents of change, and they want to see the bang for their buck.

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