Pivot on Purpose for GMPC

A small change in course can change your future. That was the promise of StoryMiners' PIVOT ON PURPOSE interactive workshop for the Georgia Mentor Protégé Council. The first event was held on April 16, 2019 at AT&T.  The presentation part of the morning began with an overview of THE SHIFTS THAT SHIFT US TODAY. THE [...]

How Storytelling Has Emerged as a Force in Marketing

Storytelling is the medium through which cultures grow and thrive. From a modern branding perspective, successful storytelling acts as an emotional glue, creating a loyal audience and engaging new customers. Some of the most iconic brands in history are great ‘story brands’. From legacy brands like Disney and Apple to challenger brands like Warby Parker [...]

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Work On Your Story on April 24th at a Story Workout™ in Atlanta

I'm doing a presentation/workshop for the Retail Design Institute at Gensler's new Expansion Space on April 24th from 6-8pm in Atlanta. Anyone with a professional interest in crafting better personal and professional stories is welcome. Here's what to expect: First, Meena Krenek, design director at Gensler will share the story of their new space on the 27th floor at 999 Peachtree Street, [...]

My Nimble experience just keeps getting better

Last year, I wrote an article about new ways to work. It was based on an interview with founder, Jon Ferrara. Both articles tie how Nimble, a new social selling platform, improves the lives of professional service providers. Today, Nimble just made my life easier (again) with the release of a new dashboard that saves me [...]

Would You Give Up Your Cash Cow?

In graduate school, I learned that Cash Cows are sacred. If a dairy farmer has a cow that gives milk each day, it has a valuable asset because every day they can count on more milk. In 1966, Boston Consulting Group borrowed the term from farming to introduce part of its new portfolio matrix. "Cash [...]

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Find and Build Meaningful Relationships in a Noisy World: NIMBLE

The Problem Nobody likes over-the-top communications or to feel 'pushed' through a seller's experience. People prefer being in control, so they prefer buyers' experiences. However, many organizations still treat their future clients in a one-size-fits-all, seller-centric way. It does not have to be like that. The Solution Nimble is a new, multi-category software-as-a-service that qualifies prospects, [...]

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PIRCH Store Closings

PIRCH, one of America’s best customer experience companies is closing over half of its stores according to Chain Store Age. The store, its culture and philosophy, not to mention its award-winning design, have been a favorite case study of mine for years now. You can read it here. Like many others, PIRCH isn’t immune to rapid [...]

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How Big Data is Creating Opportunities to Serve Customers in SMB

This guest post is from Alisha Chistin, exclusively for StoryMiners. In a previous Story Miners article, we shared insights about this year’s trends in customer experience. It was mentioned that innovations like AI, the IoT and virtual reality will change how consumers interact with sellers. That was at the start of this year, and many [...]

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Expert Interview Series: Mike Wittenstein of StoryMiners About the Importance of Storytelling in Business

This interview was first featured in John Mattone: Expert Interview Series FEBRUARY 7, 2017 BY JOHN MATTONE Mike Wittenstein advises leaders on how changes to their customer experiences can positively transform their brand narratives and their bottom lines. He is the managing partner at Storyminers, a design pioneer, and a developer of unique methods and tools for enhancing [...]

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Lessons From Leaders At Brands Where CX Is Working

I'm always curious about what makes leaders of customer experience and transformation projects invest in what's new. Oracle, in its recent "CX FACTOR PROGRAM" has done much of that research for me (and for you). It's in the form of a dozen interviews with company leaders whose brands are excelling at the customer experience. I [...]

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