Work On Your Story on April 24th at a Story Workout™ in Atlanta

I'm doing a presentation/workshop for the Retail Design Institute at Gensler's new Expansion Space on April 24th from 6-8pm in Atlanta. Anyone with a professional interest in crafting better personal and professional stories is welcome. Here's what to expect: First, Meena Krenek, design director at Gensler will share the story of their new space on the 27th floor at 999 Peachtree Street, [...]

Dynamic Branding Tools for Enhancing Customer Experience

When people think of branding, they tend to think of it in terms of attracting customers—showing off your company’s best qualities to acquire new sales. But branding doesn’t stop after a sale is made. It persists throughout a customer’s entire experience and beyond. And if it falters at any point, it could cost you a [...]

The Intersection of Customer Experience, Business & Tech

  Interview with Mike Wittenstein, Founder of Storyminers as seen on the Digital Customer Experience website  Tips from an Expert in design thinking, customer experience and the power of story Is there a difference between customer experience and digital customer experience anymore? Customer Experience used to focus on what happened in the real world and Digital Customer [...]

Retailers Who Create Value For Customers – WIN!

(image courtesy of Last week’s blog covered the first of two themes that emerged for me at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York. “Retailers are acting on the notion that customers’ needs are different than their own.” That blog painted a picture of how the disconnect between retail decision-makers and their [...]

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Welcome to the Future

Omnichannel isn't just a buzz word. This is the future for retailers that want to stay competitive. Finding the right answers to streamlining your customer's experience across all interactions is taking center stage. You can find the expertise to help at the upcoming Future Stores Conference in Seattle, June 23-25. The Future Stores Conference is [...]

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APRO 2014 National Conference and Trade Show

Mike Wittenstein, service design and customer experience expert, takes the stage as keynote speaker at APRO's National Conference and Trade Show later this month. Rent-to-own dealers gathering in Indianapolis on May 19-22 will benefit from the opportunity of improving their retail stores' customer experience based on Mike's 20+ years in the experience design industry. With targeted [...]

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Atlanta Tech Village Event

Atlanta Tech Village is so much more than just commercial office space. This 103,000 square foot building located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta is home to innovative companies on a quest to change the world. Becoming a top five tech startup center in the US requires creating a workplace that is more than just walls and [...]

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How Do Your CX Efforts Stack Up?

Comparing your track record to others in the world of customer experience is great way to find areas for improvement and see where you are doing well. WBR's (Worldwide Business Research) NextGeneration Customer Experience's 2014 CX Industry Benchmark Study provides insight into a variety of areas concerning Customer Experience professionals including time spent in CX [...]

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Customer Experience Professionals Association–Atlanta Kick-Off Event

Customer experience design continues to grow as an overall business strategy. Specifically, the design principles regularly used in creating delightful customer experiences are applied in ways that result in value for employees and shareholders as well. For that reason many businesses, regardless of whether they are business-to-consumer or business-to-business, have moved learning and applying the [...]

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CX Day 2013–Join The Celebration

Mike Wittenstein is proud to announce that he will be the MC for the first annual CX Day in Atlanta, a global celebration of companies and people passionate about creating great experiences for customers. This CXPA Atlanta networking event is free to members and nonmembers, and promises networking, outstanding speakers, breakout discussions, food and more. [...]

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