Pivot on Purpose for GMPC

A small change in course can change your future. That was the promise of StoryMiners' PIVOT ON PURPOSE interactive workshop for the Georgia Mentor Protégé Council. The first event was held on April 16, 2019 at AT&T.  The presentation part of the morning began with an overview of THE SHIFTS THAT SHIFT US TODAY. THE [...]

How Storytelling Has Emerged as a Force in Marketing

Storytelling is the medium through which cultures grow and thrive. From a modern branding perspective, successful storytelling acts as an emotional glue, creating a loyal audience and engaging new customers. Some of the most iconic brands in history are great ‘story brands’. From legacy brands like Disney and Apple to challenger brands like Warby Parker [...]

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Amazon introduces Just Walk Out technology in its new no-checkout-required retail concept

Amazon has formally introduced its new Amazon GO retail concept on the West Coast. Basically, you can shop without lines and without going through checkout. A combination of technologies (they say, the same ones used in self driving cars) are used to notice what you pick up and what you put in your cart or [...]

The Myth Behind "Low-Hanging-Fruit"

Note: This article comes from the perspective of the author's work in the science and the art of customer experience. Its implications may be more broadly received. At the beginning of their customer experience enhancement journeys, many organizations go after so-called low-hanging-fruit projects. These are the ones that minimize the need for change while increasing [...]

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The 'Always On' Enterprise

For well over 100 years, businesses leaders have made decisions based on what is right for the business. Business profitability first. Everything else second. Why not buy cheap chairs for the restaurant? Why not focus on the efficiency of the call center instead of delivering better customer outcomes? Much of this thinking comes from entrenched [...]

The Challenges of Customer Experience Management

This Interview was conducted by ReachForce and first appeared March 9, 2016  Mike Wittenstein leads Storyminers, a pioneering customer experience design firm based in Atlanta. We recently checked in with them to discuss some of the challenges enterprises face in managing customer experience today. Here’s what he had to say: How did you become so [...]

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Services Before Sales Sells More Chicken! (Disney Agrees)

Last week’s post predicted that customers won’t stand for technology that constantly sells to them. It predicted 2016 as the year predictive analytics and other ‘sensing’ technologies will be used to provide service experiences to customers first. Chick-fil-A [private], now America’s favorite chain restaurant, is proof. The Cathy family have been building their brand based [...]

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Retail 2016: Predictive Analytics As Value To Your Customers

At the end of last year, I was invited to share my customer experience predictions for 2016 with MarketForce, a sponsor-funded European Union event production company. The only guideline was to focus on what could/should happen in 2016. With the retail industry fresh on my mind as I prepared for the NRF Big Show, I [...]

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{:en}How Frustration–Through Design–Became Market Leadership{:}

{:en}Jeffery Sears, CEO of PIRCH,  interviewed by Mike Wittenstein of Storyminers I went to visit the new Atlanta PIRCH store in Buckhead, near Lenox Square just a few weeks ago and I was blown away by the experience. With 20 years of customer experience under my belt, it takes a lot to impress me. PIRCH [...]

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Intelligent Experiences: Where CX Meets Tech

From the 1970s through the 1990s, customers' experiences evolved quickly with the introduction of technology like ATMs, CRM systems,touchscreen kiosks, and interactive voice response systems. Companies were the early adopters. They used the then-new tech to operate more efficiently and profitably—mostly by shifting work from a company’s payroll to its customers’ shoulders. The corporate approach [...]

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