How Big Data is Creating Opportunities to Serve Customers in SMB

This guest post is from Alisha Chistin, exclusively for StoryMiners. In a previous Story Miners article, we shared insights about this year’s trends in customer experience. It was mentioned that innovations like AI, the IoT and virtual reality will change how consumers interact with sellers. That was at the start of this year, and many [...]

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One Of The Best CX Resources Of 2017

Customer Experience is making great inroads into business, both in the US and in Europe. The 2017 KPMG Nunwood Customer Experience Excellence Analysis benchmarks CX efforts on both sides of the Atlantic. This CX Resource also brings crystal clear insights useful to any serious customer experience design practitioner. A multi-industry scorecard of sorts, this report [...]

Emerging Trends In Customer Experience: The Continuing Story

Kampyle, now part of Medallia, published this interview as a kick-off to their Emerging Trends in Customer Experience series in 2016. We’ve updated it for 2017   Can you tell us how you got into CX and why you find the space so interesting? In 1999, I was working as a thought leader and executive [...]

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Excuses for Not Building Adaptive Enterprises Fading Fast

We’ve been doing business the same way for so many decades; it’s hard to imagine other ways to achieve success. Work hard, make big profits, and always get better at what you do. These are the mantras we’ve all heard – and still share. Conversations about reimagining business quickly point toward automation as the way [...]

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Here's Something To Be Proud Of: StoryMiners Blog Made Top 50

Storyminers is quite proud to be included in Chattermill's top 50 of their:  The Top 100 Customer Experience Blogs You Need to Be Reading.  We think it's pretty cool because the  selection is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It's not about the most 'likes' and 'shares' Yes, the criteria used is based around 3 key areas [...]

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Why the Best Measure of Customer Value is the Value You Provide to Your Customers

It’s not easy trying to grow a business. You’re often left standing in the middle of a saturated market, scratching your head and wondering “what can we really do to separate ourselves?” Do you develop a new product, find a new market, or maybe pour money into advertising? When a company gets to this point, [...]

Can a change in policy change the customer experience?

Sometimes, making customer experiences better can also make the world better. Here's how one leading brand is trying. The subject line of an email this morning said "Discrimination and Belonging: What it Means to You". I thought it was a political headline designed to sway my vote given the headline-grabbing nature of this year's presidential [...]

The 'Always On' Enterprise

For well over 100 years, businesses leaders have made decisions based on what is right for the business. Business profitability first. Everything else second. Why not buy cheap chairs for the restaurant? Why not focus on the efficiency of the call center instead of delivering better customer outcomes? Much of this thinking comes from entrenched [...]

What is Customer Experience? 19 Industry Experts Weigh In:

[originally posted on the User Testing Blog 3/06/2016 by Spencer Lanoue] Investing in customer experience drives revenue growth and increases customer loyalty. According to Gartner, customer experience will be the main battleground for competing companies over the next two years. And when researchers analyzed the experience and revenue data from two $1 billion+ companies for a recent [...]

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The Challenges of Customer Experience Management

This Interview was conducted by ReachForce and first appeared March 9, 2016  Mike Wittenstein leads Storyminers, a pioneering customer experience design firm based in Atlanta. We recently checked in with them to discuss some of the challenges enterprises face in managing customer experience today. Here’s what he had to say: How did you become so [...]

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