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Storyminers’ clients are CEOs, COOs, or C-anything-Os facing big changes, and who need to earn commitments as they create, communicate, and deliver their new plans and ideas.

Great leaders know they need an outside, objective opinion and look to Storyminers to offer them a new, different, or better outcome than they might get on their own. They want expertise, fresh thinking, and to gain advantage from others’ experience. They want results.

(Each story has been client-approved.)
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Stacey Scott

Founder + CEO

It feels quite different to run my business now that I have a reason for being because it permeates everything and it makes it much easier to communicate to the frontline people what it is that we’re doing. Do you know what it gives them?

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Alan Jones

HiFi Buys

I had been running Audio Alternatives, a suburban specialty audio shop, for about 10 years when Mike was introduced to me. The concepts he shared with me about customer experience, marketing, and strategy have become the foundation of our new brand, HiFi Buys.

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Renee Himel

Director of Brand Experience
Transitions Optical

My job was to spearhead Transitions’ entry into retail with a Smart Store concept. Storyminers helped us to develop the retail, experience, and communications design for this next-generation experience.

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David Weinberger

Customer Strategy

I’m in the business of giving leaders feedback about their ideas and hard evidence that they can make money with them. When it came time for me to reposition, re-energize and differentiate my own brand, I reached out to Mike for his advice and coaching. Why?

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Chris Cook

CL3 Design

As a presentation designer, I help keynote speakers elevate their audience connections, build their onstage reputations and raise their fees. The slides behind them should make a deep, emotional impact and that’s where I shine. Here’s where Mike helped me shine…

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Deb Lechner

Commercial Marketing Director
Armstrong Flooring

I led a B2B arm of the world’s leading flooring manufacturer. Storyminers gave us a way to accelerate innovation and improve experience design at the same time. No problem, we can do that, they said. And, they did!

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Tom Barber

Director of Marketing & Business Development

My job was to merge two marketing departments into one. I needed one brand that got everyone on the same page. What I really needed was magic…

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Howard Fields

Strategy Executive

My team and I were making a high-stakes, first-of-its-kind business statement at the height of the boom. I truly needed this inbound model to connect. Getting inside our clients’ minds was the challenge. Engage them we did!

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Declan Boland


We were so close to winning this new Cendant hotel brand. It was a perfect client for IBM, with one exception. The client spoke hospitality, not tech. I needed someone on the team to translate. That’s just what Mike and his consulting team did–using experience design as the language.

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Chris Kouloukas

Founder and President

My start-up, Mail & More, was ready to go from multi-store concept to franchise. But, I needed a clear picture for the future, one I could share with bankers, partners, and future franchisees. The Future Story and Experience Design you gave us did the trick!

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