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Storyminers’ clients are CEOs, COOs, or C-anything-Os facing big changes, and who need to earn commitments as they create, communicate, and deliver their new plans and ideas.

Great leaders know they need an outside, objective opinion and look to Storyminers to offer them a new, different, or better outcome than they might get on their own. They want expertise, fresh thinking, and to gain advantage from others’ experience. They want results.

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Brian Dyches


As President of RDI, I have to elevate our members’ competitiveness and provide for our sponsors’ needs. It’s always a tricky balance. Mike let me showcase the future for members and set up sales opportunities for our sponsors. At the same time!

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Ed Lovern


We were growing quickly, yet so was our competition. Mike facilitated our board to lead us to the idea that an improved patient experience elective surgery areas could help us improve the experience in other service areas. Could we get one design that delivered both? Yes!

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Jimmy Ellis

Jim Ellis Automotive Group

I lead a multi-brand, 20+ location Atlanta-based, family-owned auto dealership founded by my father. I brought Storyminers in for the annual sales meeting. Not only did I get a keynote, I also got insights from undercover shopping, hands-on training with my sales team, and a new perspective we can use to up our customer promise. Now, that’s a great deal!

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Katherine Boccaccio

Executive Director of Events
Chain Store Age

Raising the bar on our own retail executive events to thrill attendees gets harder every year. Putting Customer Experience on stage gave all the attendees and sponsors a way to see how they stop competing with each other and start doing more for their customers. The customer experience way Mike introduced has been almost unanimously adopted by the retail industry.

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Gary Ambrosino


Online scheduling was just getting to be a thing when I brought Mike in to speak to our front-line team and developers about the importance of putting customers first. I’m glad we did. In retrospect, the timing and his content were perfect!

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Chris Iansiti

Iansiti Performance Group

I had used Storyminers to adapt our strategy into a story and stand up several of our sites in the past. It was time to evolve our brand again, so I called on Storyminers. Mike and his team helped me reframe what we do, evolve really, so that we could meet more significant client needs. It worked, we were acquired by…

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Mimi Vold

Vold, Inc.

Several years ago, I founded a boutique, transformation consultancy for private equity-owned, high-growth firms. To move from being a solopreneur to launching and growing a full-on practice, I brought in Storyminers. It was a game-changer…

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Bob Westrope

Leaders Expedition

Leading a non-profit start-up isn’t easy. I’m always looking the improve our story/concept and to shorten the time it takes to connect with volunteers, donors, and the media. 90 seconds is all it takes now…

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Joe Collins

Collins Project Management

One day, things changed, and we had to start marketing our construction project management business. So, we asked around and found Storyminers. We learned to see ourselves through our customers’ eyes, and that changed everything…

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Evan Toporek

Hanes/Alternative Apparel

The first time we hired Storyminers was because their approach was tailored just for us. I’m glad we did! Mike and the Storyminers team were there at a critical point in our growth as we began the transformation from being a local t-shirt company into a national brand. Thanks in part to Storyminers’ contribution, we gained a 250% sales increase and earned a $60 million exit.

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