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Creative Problem Solving: On Purpose and By Design – Techniques from an Experience Designer

There are many ways to be creative about problem solving. You can change the frame, work on the process, influence the people, or focus on the outcomes. You can also do all of these things at once. Join Mike Wittenstein as he reveals some of the tools he uses to design, develop, and deploy customer and employee experiences. “Design,” according to Mike, “gives everyone more of what they want!”  Mike is the creator of the Storymining® Process, a creative problem solving technique that transforms customers’ ideal stories into customer experiences that many people rave about. This session is filled with useful tips that you can apply to your own work—regardless of the creative problem you’re facing.

Mike’s Presentation

Visualization Examples

Corning – http://www.mikewittenstein.com/visualizing-experience-design/


Where to FInd New Ideas






On Customer Experience White Paper – http://www.mikewittenstein.com/blog/new-white-paper-on-customer-experience-now-available/

IDEO Method Cards – http://courses.ischool.berkeley.edu/i290-13/f07/system/files/tangible_wk6tu_human_centered_design.pdf

The Art and Science of Waiting (también en español) – http://www.mikewittenstein.com/blog/the-art-and-science-of-waiting-tambien-en-espanol/


Customer Experience Presentations

The Best Experiences in the World and What Makes Them Work – http://www.mikewittenstein.com/blog/tag/presentations/

Improving the Auto Retailing Experience – http://www.mikewittenstein.com/blog/tag/presentations/


Follow Up

LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikewittenstein

Contact Mike

Email – mike@MikeWittenstein.com

Phone – +1 770.425.9830 o

Twitter – @MikeWittenstein


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About the Author:

Mike founded StoryMiners in 2002 as one of the world's first story and customer experience design firms. 750+ project later, the firms know how to help leaders get their stories straight. And, express them as experiences their customers rave about. A certified consultant, speaker, and experience designer, Mike has helped his clients earn nearly $2 billion from improvements in sales, operations, service design, and brand management. Mike is a graduate of Arizona State/Thunderbird (MBA) and the University of Florida (BA). He has also spent two years overseas, learning Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian along the way. #experience design #story #storymining #speaker #strategy #facilitator #keynotespeaker #designthinking #custexp #travel #woodworking