Crucial Communications

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing each of us to respond to change. It is causing many of us to become leaders.

In “What We Say And How We Say It Matters More Than Ever” (and in the accompanying video), you’ll learn about how to frame communications, not as a chore or a pattern. Instead, we’ll remind you how to communicate in profoundly human terms.

After all, during a crisis, the best thing you can do is add value for others. No, that value doesn’t refer to cash or a sale. It means using what you say to helps others do better and feel better. As an unexpected leader in uncertain times,

Inside, you’ll learn how to:
–speak with customers
–speak with groups
–take action
–go first
–be part of the solution

The main point of the piece is to put people first. Now, you know the ending, and I hope you’ll still read the story!




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