Customer Engagement – March 2014

Customer Engagement
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Ray Stendall: Probably the first question we should go through is: Why are we here? What is this about? Why is this important? Why is this critical to our businesses? For those of you who don’t know, my name is Ray Stendall, I’m the publisher of Customer Engagement Magazine. And as part of Customer Engagement Magazine, you, right here, right now, are part of creating content that’s going to make its way into the magazine that’s sold globally. I’d definitely love for you to be part of everything that we’re doing here.

Customer Engagement Magazine is really all about figuring out: How do we operationalize putting the customer at the center of all of our business decisions as we build, market, sell and support solutions? That’s what we’re about. We’re about looking at how do we engage you as individual, engage employees to empower them, and ultimately, to  create a customer driven culture that really delivers excellence in the marketplace.

We like to feature experts like Mike, who I’m about to introduce for those of you that don’t know Mike. I have been affectionately calling him “The Billion Dollar Man” over the last few days on some of my tweets, and you’ll find out why I’ve given him that name. We like to feature experts that have a unique perspective on this cutting-edge area of business that more attention needs to be placed on, because, frankly, it is the primary driver behind how we can make customers happy and excited to be advocates to want to work with us.



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