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At StoryMiners, we respect story as a very strategic business tool.
Story helps us deliver a clear vision of your company’s future by excavating the ones that your customers would love to share. Using those stories as a goal, we design the customer-facing experiences that will elicit those stories—and the employee-facing business capabilities that make them possible. And the cycle continues – story formulates experiences and experiences ignite great stories.
StoryMiners is passionate about designing great experiences and helping companies build the capabilities that deliver them.
What makes us strong communicators is that we don’t just talk and write about this topic. We do the work. And we love doing it. Count on us to bring a wealth of practical expertise to your attendees.
For 17 years, StoryMiners has been the catalyst for leaders to envision their future—and develop the experiences that deliver it.


Give your employees a great experience and they’ll be prepared to deliver a great experience to your customers. We believe the same is true for professional service firms like ours. So, of course you can expect a great experience from a group that designs and builds them.


We’ve worked on five continents from the front line to the board room. These international assignments constantly remind us of the importance of localizing strategy, story, and experience design to the culture, preferences, and trends of each market we work in. Sometimes, tried and true ideas from one part of the world become game-changers in another. We enjoy keeping things fresh for our clients and their customers.
Our founder, Mike Wittenstein, brings an international mindset inspired by extended cultural and business experiences in over 100 cities in 26 countries. Mike speaks four languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian).


When you invite StoryMiners in, you get to peek at the future. You can count on us to bring the latest perspectives on fresh ideas like the Internet of Things, Blockchain, In-Memory Computing, and other cool-thing-du-jour innovations with an eye to helping you capitalize on them. You can also count on us to help you pinpoint how to incorporate new tech and ideas into your customer experiences—so they can become the kind of game-changing opportunities you are looking for.


Active participation in these key organizations helps us keep our finger on the pulse of things—and provides access to hundreds of specialized resources for use on projects.

IMC USA is the leading community of professional consultants and the one which defines excellence and advances ethics for the profession. For its independent consulting members, IMC USA provides a community platform that helps them deliver transformative value to their clients.
The National Speakers Association is a collective of more than 3,500 members whose skills, expertise, and experience power the most recognized and respected professional speakers association in the industry.
The Customer Experience Professionals Association is the premier global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession. It has over 2,000 members in 30 countries.
The Retail Design Institute serves the world’s retail design professions with an active and robust platform for community, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

The most valuable things aren’t “things” at all—they’re experiences.

10 RULES FOR LEADERS – A StoryMiners White Paper

10 Rules.
No fluff.

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