State of Customer Experience 2020 – Northridge Report

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If you’re a customer experience practitioner, the responsibility of proving that what you’re planning will work may be falling on your shoulders. Getting the latest information, statistics, and perspectives is time Dash consuming. This recent report by North Ridge has many of the basic statistics and proof points you’ll need to put together your own best case for customer experience. Below are some highlights. Click on the link at the bottom to read the full report.

More customers are using digital channels to reach brands, yet most companies are not adequately prepared, increasing both customer effort and frustration. Key findings include:

  • Online shopping is the new normal – 68% of customers increased their online shopping during COVID-19 and plan to continue at this increased rate post-pandemic.
  • Preference for and use of self-service apps and digital tools increased due to COVID-19 and customers will continue to favor them post-pandemic. In fact, 63% of customers were motivated to try/use digital apps and tools and 75% will continue to prefer digital apps post-pandemic.
  • During COVID-19, many customers increased their use of customer service channels to contact companies about service issues. At the same time, first contact resolution declined from 53% to 42%, increasing effort for customers and costs for businesses.
  • Low customer effort drives brand loyalty and reduces cost. However, the number of businesses measuring customer effort is low and has increased only slightly from 25% to 29

Read the full report here


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