Experience Design in Hospitality Wins Big ROI

In 1999, Wingate Inns came to IBM for some help with their then-new technology infrastructure. Remember, this was Y2K time and the Internet was just starting to generate some heat. IBM’s response to Wingate’s request for information was, well, kind of technical. The leadership team wasn’t responding well to the notion of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to generate a thick report they wouldn’t understand. How was ‘that report’ going to get them where they wanted to go?

To demonstrate to Wingate the the value of ‘that report’, our team created a video enactment of the future-state guest experience. It made the report’s “experience-of-the-future” technology recommendations tangible and relevant. Now, the Wingate team could understand both the concepts IBM was proposing and their practical implementation aspects. The video enabled Wingate to evaluate, test and develop the business operations in less time and at lower cost.

Here’s the video. It took less than two weeks to produce. Remember, the technologies you’ll see were quite new for 1999!

This project video generated significant media attention at the Hotel Technologies Show the following week. It was also the driving force behind franchisees readily agreeing to invest an extra $1 million to pay for the technology, design and implementation. The payback? It saved corporate $1 million, while reducing time-to-market by nine months.

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