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What is CX?

Customer experience (CX) is a marketing revolution that’s gaining ground in the pharmaceutical industry. Many industry leaders will have already heard about this concept and how it is typically associated with words such as innovation, competitive advantage, and revolution.

 While there are several definitions available, in this report CX is described as the collection of a customer’s interactions with a company, its products, and services over the course of the customer-company relationship.[1]

CX is multifaceted says Ian Golding, Global Customer Experience Specialist and Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). “CX is the sum of all experiences a customer has with a supplier of goods and/or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier. This can include awareness, discovery, attraction, interaction, purchase, use, cultivation and advocacy.

Developing CX involves the analysis of a customer’s perception of an interaction, or set of interactions, with a company, and then leveraging insights from that analysis to shape the design and implementation of an improved experience for the customer. One of the main objectives of delivering optimal CX is to offer a customer the next best offer (NBO) at every point of interaction.[2] Essentially, it is an orchestration of improved interactions by using the right content and message to engage the right customers and respond to them in the right way, via the right channels and at the right time.[3]

As the Head of Human Channels, Customer Experience at Teva Pharmaceuticals, Davidek Herron explains, “One thing we need to understand is that CX is more than a good User Experience (UX). It comes down to a company truly understanding what is valuable to the customer at that moment in time.” UX is a concept very much related to CX, and the two terms are often used interchangeably. However, many experts limit UX to the use of a particular product or service and the interaction with its interface at one time.[4] Specifically, the priorities of a good UX design are functionality, ease-of-use, and aesthetics. In contrast, the scope of CX is the collection of interactions across different interfaces and engagements over time.

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