Galileo: A True Visionary

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GALILEO is the name of the digital agency my business partner, Jackie Goldstein, and I started in 1992.

We picked the name not only because of Galileo’s prowess as an innovator (he brought the telescope, scientific method, and a mathematical perspective about astronomy to the world’s attention), but because he championed what he believed in. Galileo defied the Church; for that he was excommunicated and lived his last years under house arrest.

His ideas were controversial when introduced. Like many of the technologies and storytelling styles Jackie and I worked on—they eventually gained widespread adoption. Galileo was also the world’s first direct marketer. He sent telescopes to the crowned heads of Europe to gain support for his theories.

His indomitable spirit and the breadth of his impact made us want to name our company after him.

500 years-ish after his passing, one of his most repeated secondary school lessons has now been convincingly proven. It’s the experiment of dropping something heavy and something light at the same time to see if both objects travel at the same speed. Here’s the video. We wish Galileo himself could have seen it!


Today, StoryMiners continues with GALILEO’s spirit, if not his name. We help leaders discover new ideas ahead of their time so that they and their clients can benefit from them. Strategies, customer/employee experiences, and stories to name a few. These innovations help our clients chart their own new paths, rewrite their future stories—and amaze their clients.


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