Galileo: A True Interactive Visionary

Many of you know that I started one of the world’s first digital agencies in 1992 with my business partner and creative director, Jackie Goldstein. We called it GALILEO.


We picked the name not only because of Galileo’s prowess as an innovator (he brought the telescope, scientific method, and a mathematical perspective about astronomy to the world’s attention), but because he championed what he believed in. He defied the Church; for that he was excommunicated and lived his last years under house arrest.

His ideas were controversial when introduced—like many of the technologies and storytelling styles Jackie and I worked on—but eventually gained widespread adoption. He was also the world’s first direct marketer—sending telescopes to the crowned heads of Europe to gain support for his theories.

It was his indomitable spirit and the breadth of his impact that attracted us to pay him homage by naming our company after him.

500 years-ish after his time, one of his most repeated secondary school lessons (if you drop something heavy and something light at the same time, they travel at the same speed) has now been convincingly proven. Here’s the video. We wish Galileo himself could have seen it!


Galileo’s Theory Proven_BBC from Mike Wittenstein on Vimeo.

Today, StoryMiners is continuing with GALILEO’s spirit, if not his name. We are developing high-value, practical solutions with and for our clients. Strategies, experiences, and stories to help them chart their own new paths, rewrite their future stories—and give their clients amazing experiences.






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About the Author:

Since 1998, as IBM’s eVisionary, he has been designing and developing experiences that differentiate brands and deliver bottom-line results. Mike has worked on over 700 client engagements in 26 countries. He understands first-hand the value of properly translating across cultures. As a facilitator, Mike has been used as a board-level facilitator by LeasePlan (Europe and Mexico), Habasit, TELUS (Canada), PartnerTech (now Scanfil), Meeting Planners International, the Institute of Management Consultants and other organizations to develop strategy, articulate vision/direction, and encourage alignment. Mike founded StoryMiners, one of the world’s first experience design consulting agencies, in 2002. The firm is known for its ability to find the essence of a company, brand, or service and translate it into a compelling experience that helps clients shape their futures. The value of his work is estimated at over $1.6 billion in sales won, expenses cut, and brand value added. Mike is the world’s only working speaker, consultant, and experience designer to have earned the top designations in his chosen fields (CSP, CMC, CCXP). Mike earned his MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. He works in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and gets by in Russian ;-)