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How Storyminers helps
Storyminers’ clients are CEOs, COOs, or C-anything-Os facing big changes, and who need to earn commitments as they create, communicate, and deliver their new plans and ideas.
Great leaders know they need an outside, objective opinion and look to Storyminers to offer them a new, different, or better outcome than they might get on their own. They want expertise, fresh thinking, and to gain advantage from others’ experience. They want results.
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Our Clients say it best!

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Business Outcomes

today’s focus is on creating new value for customers (in addition to more profit)

When things change suddenly and immensely (e.g. coronavirus), what people want and what they demand from the businesses that serve them switches up. The most successful companies are the ones that can adapt the quickest to deliver new value to their clients in new ways.

It’s up to each firm’s leadership team to recognize that ‘the same old way‘ will only lead to ‘the same old outcomes.’ Leaders must decide to repair, replace, or reinvent their capabilities and their brands. Aiming that change at what their customers and clients want most is smart.

Creating value for customers is the way we think.

We also use design thinking to deliver these high-priority outcomes at the same time:


Your customers don't think in departments or silos. They expect a single, on-brand experience. We help you organize around customer's jobs to be done so you're not wasting time, effort, or money on things that don't matter.


No matter how hard you try, or how much you spend, your brand can't be any better than what your customers experience. We help you find what customers want most so that you deliver that time after time.


Improvements in sales come efficiencies in the selling process and from adding value for the customer. We help you balance your focus on both. So customers notice the value you offer, don't feel inclined to shop elsewhere, and bring you referrals for new business.


Design thinking lets us help you find ways to lower the cost of deliver of a product or service while maintaining margins. Knowing sooner what customers want (anticipating their needs, for example) lets you serve better at lower cost.

The following stories show how a Future Story was used to:

(All images come from real projects, and are used with permission. Click the logos to explore)


When a business is set up, on purpose and by design, to be best at what its customers want most, everyone wins. 

Storyminers is often asked to help leaders create and introduce their first-of-a-kind, game-changing assignments. Why? Because our unique mix of strategy, story, experience design, and technology gives them the ability to envision their desired future state faster–so they can go further.

Case Studies
Here are some stories about how we’ve helped over 800 clients generate over $2 billion in value. Read about the clients’ challenges, the approaches they tried, and the results they achieved. (Thanks to our team members and to our clients for their contributions to our collective successes.)
White Papers

These White Papers look into specific issues and how these apply to problems you might be facing. We hope you find some clarification on these pages, and we’re always open for a chat if you want us to help.

Exploring your organization’s future can help today.

One more thing…

What we do and how we do it isn’t for everyone. We get that. If you’re tired of having people who are supposed to help you, but put their agenda ahead of yours, we should talk. If you’re frustrated at your existing resources’ inability to grasp what you want to do, we should talk.