Hyundai Equus iPad App Sets New Bar For All Other Auto Retailers

In the glovebox of every new Hyundai Equus, you’ll find an electronic owner’s manual on a free Apple iPad. Hyundai and their agency have done a spectacular job of helping the vehicle’s most important features come to live through animations, simulations, interactive demonstrations, and live video. The app encourages exploration of the car’s features and elegantly balances tech specs with aesthetics and creature comforts with handling and performance. Hyundai has raised the bar for auto manufacturers with its new four passenger flagship vehicle. This app also gives retailers in all segments a glimpse of their own futures–where the line between product and experience vanishes.

Check out the video below to see this app in action.

To get the app for free, visit


What’s Good

  • The interface is best in class
  • No instructions are required to operate the app perfectly
  • Cut-away views, simulations, animations, full-motion video
  • It’s so well designed, I feel like I’m driving


What’s Not So Good

  • The app crashed several times


What I Would Do

  • Add some engine sounds
  • Tie in early adopters’ comments through social media
  • Show off the engine and powertrain with a fly-through animation
  • Give users the option to turn on the lights, fog lights, brake lights, and turn indicators


Hyundai,, is South Korea leading car maker. It trades on the Korea Exchange as HyundaiMtr.


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