Why I Joined CXPA as a Founding Corporate Member

I joined the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), a global industry trade group whose members are responsible for creating and maintaining an overall positive customer experience – a vital objective for any organization that offers products or services for sale.

CXPA supports the professional development of its members and advances the field by providing research and education, establishing standards, offering networking and career opportunities, promoting the industry and creating a better understanding of the customer experience discipline.

As a Founding Corporate Member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, we are now part of a unique community of like-minded professionals — all focused on advancing the practice of customer experience design and management. CXPA will also provide us and a growing number of our clients with invaluable professional development and networking opportunities available nowhere else, plus the opportunity to be part of a unified, informed and collective voice to help guide the evolution of customer experience.

Governed by a Board of Directors to be drawn from its membership, CXPA is led by Bruce Temkin, co-founder and chair, and Jeanne Bliss, co-founder and vice chair – pioneers in the customer experience field who have a deep understanding of the roots of this burgeoning industry and a keen shared vision of its future.

OK, that was the Press release boilerplate. Here’s why I really joined and why this new organization is important to you.

1. The Leaders
Bruce Temkin has a really good read on how the industry is evolving because he’s got the analytics background (Forrester Research) and he’s good at developing business cases that support adoption of new stuff (like customer experience). Jeanne Bliss has been the Chief Experience Officer (or equivalent) at several leading brands. She knows how to navigate through the political jungle, change cultures, and get things done. Powerful combination.

2. Timing
Customer experience is something I’ve been working on almost exclusively since 1999. As a discipline, it’s hitting the mainstream but up until now it hasn’t had a voice. Now it does.

3. From Curious to Serious
Customer experience design and management is something that’s quickly won people’s attention but it’s always been slow to get adopted. That’s due, I believe, to a lack of standards, training, community, and standardization (even simple stuff like job names).

4. Focus
The focus of the CXPA is on building the profession leading to higher adoption rates and more client successes. How can one not get behind that idea? For my part, I’ll be devoting some time at CXPA to the design part of the industry-helping define this important element of customer experience for others to use.

I encourage all my partners, colleagues, and clients involved with CXPA to join for the first year and check it out. The organization is young and requires participation above all else to succeed. So, why not join Bruce, Jeanne, and me, along with many other talented practitioners, and build yourself a valuable asset you can use for the rest of your professional life!

If you would like to learn more about the Customer Experience Professionals Association, just visit http://www.cxpa.org.

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