Improving The Retail Customer Experience

The retail industry has new challenges for creating environments that encourage great customer experiences.

The retail industry has seen unprecedented changes as consumers continue to embrace online merchandising. It is no longer enough to offer good products at attractive prices. In order to differentiate your brand, retailers must now offer more creative answers to the authentic desires of the customer… and do it more consistently.

Getting in touch with what your customers really desire, and understanding the outcomes that customers are looking for is critical in designing environments that provide great experiences.

There is a wealth of information available about how to design great physical environments and there is a great volume of data surrounding how the physical design impacts buying and future behavior of customers. It’s true that this data and information is of great value when designing an environment for memorable customer experiences. But when you are on mission to provide great experiences for your customers, you need to look far beyond your immediate four walls.

The intangible side of the experience that touches the emotions of the customer will ultimately be the basis for a great story that gets repeated. It is important to connect the physical environment to the more intangible, emotional outcomes. So how are you going to do that? As Mike Wittenstein continues his international speaking tour with the Retail Design Institute, he addresses this very obstacle.

Merging Physical Design With The Customer Experience

Brian Dyches, RDI International Chariman says, “Mike Wittenstein represents a new faction of development for consumer environments. He offers the perfect partnership for the mission of RDI (providing ongoing best practices in design and architecture for consumer environments and retail experiences) with the necessity to merge physical design with the customer experience. With regard to great customer experience design for retail, Mike is able to connect the physical designs with the voice of the consumer in a fluid way. Mike brings an awareness of need for greater insight into the customers desires and preferences that connect today and move forward with changing elements.”

You can learn more on how customer experience design can help differentiate retailers—and retail designers by catching Mike as the keynote speaker at the RDI chapter of São Paulo on August 1, 2013, Chicago on August 22, 2013 and Los Angeles on October 9, 2013.

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