Industry: Business Services

Chris Cook

CL3 Design

As a presentation designer, I help keynote speakers elevate their audience connections, build their onstage reputations and raise their fees. The slides behind them should make a deep, emotional impact and that’s where I shine. Here’s where Mike helped me shine…

Chris Kouloukas

Founder and President

My start-up, Mail & More, was ready to go from multi-store concept to franchise. But, I needed a clear picture for the future, one I could share with bankers, partners, and future franchisees. The Future Story and Experience Design you gave us did the trick!

Chris Iansiti

Iansiti Performance Group

I had used Storyminers to adapt our strategy into a story and stand up several of our sites in the past. It was time to evolve our brand again, so I called on Storyminers. Mike and his team helped me reframe what we do, evolve really, so that we could meet more significant client needs. It worked, we were acquired by…

Mimi Vold

Vold, Inc.

Several years ago, I founded a boutique, transformation consultancy for private equity-owned, high-growth firms. To move from being a solopreneur to launching and growing a full-on practice, I brought in Storyminers. It was a game-changer…

Joe Collins

Collins Project Management

One day, things changed, and we had to start marketing our construction project management business. So, we asked around and found Storyminers. We learned to see ourselves through our customers’ eyes, and that changed everything…

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