Industry: Fintech

Regina Granados

LeasePlan México

Customer experience became a ‘thing’ for us when I had to run multiple lines of business in a changing market while we built out new technology for our operations. We needed something to tie it all together for our team members. I was so happy with Storyminers’ custom workshop which sensitized mid-level managers to the importance of client experience. We doubled the size of the in-country team in 12 months, raised client satisfaction, and reduced churn. Not bad!

Mike Bowers

iPay Technologies

Leading an independently owned, electronic payments company from an idea on a yellow pad to a $300 million exit is quite the ride! If Storyminers hadn’t captured our company’s small-company feel and made it so inviting to top-tier talent from larger markets, I’m not sure we could have achieved the 100% year-over-year growth we did.

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