Industry: Retail

Alan Jones

HiFi Buys

I had been running Audio Alternatives, a suburban specialty audio shop, for about 10 years when Mike was introduced to me. The concepts he shared with me about customer experience, marketing, and strategy have become the foundation of our new brand, HiFi Buys.

Renee Himel

Director of Brand Experience
Transitions Optical

My job was to spearhead Transitions’ entry into retail with a Smart Store concept. Storyminers helped us to develop the retail, experience, and communications design for this next-generation experience.

Brian Dyches


As President of RDI, I have to elevate our members’ competitiveness and provide for our sponsors’ needs. It’s always a tricky balance. Mike let me showcase the future for members and set up sales opportunities for our sponsors. At the same time!

Jimmy Ellis

Jim Ellis Automotive Group

I lead a multi-brand, 20+ location Atlanta-based, family-owned auto dealership founded by my father. I brought Storyminers in for the annual sales meeting. Not only did I get a keynote, I also got insights from undercover shopping, hands-on training with my sales team, and a new perspective we can use to up our customer promise. Now, that’s a great deal!

Katherine Boccaccio

Executive Director of Events
Chain Store Age

Raising the bar on our own retail executive events to thrill attendees gets harder every year. Putting Customer Experience on stage gave all the attendees and sponsors a way to see how they stop competing with each other and start doing more for their customers. The customer experience way Mike introduced has been almost unanimously adopted by the retail industry.

Evan Toporek

Hanes/Alternative Apparel

The first time we hired Storyminers was because their approach was tailored just for us. I’m glad we did! Mike and the Storyminers team were there at a critical point in our growth as we began the transformation from being a local t-shirt company into a national brand. Thanks in part to Storyminers’ contribution, we gained a 250% sales increase and earned a $60 million exit.

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