Industry: Technology

Elgia, Inc.

Founder + CEO

It feels quite different to run my business now that I have a reason for being because it permeates everything and it makes it much easier to communicate to the frontline people what it is that we’re doing. Do you know what it gives them?

Customer Strategy

Customer Strategy

I’m in the business of giving leaders feedback about their ideas and hard evidence that they can make money with them. When it came time for me to reposition, re-energize and differentiate my own brand, I reached out to Mike for his advice and coaching. Why?

Decision Point

Director of Marketing & Business Development

My job was to merge two marketing departments into one. I needed one brand that got everyone on the same page. What I really needed was magic…


Strategy Executive

My team and I were making a high-stakes, first-of-its-kind business statement at the height of the boom. I truly needed this inbound model to connect. Getting inside our clients’ minds was the challenge. Engage them we did!



Online scheduling was just getting to be a thing when I brought Mike in to speak to our front-line team and developers about the importance of putting customers first. I’m glad we did. In retrospect, the timing and his content were perfect!



With my business partner Joe Heaps, I co-developed a software-as-a-service solution that accelerates business between speakers and speaker bureaus. Mike Wittenstein joined on a two-year journey on our board to help with product and market development. It was a smart decision…


Managing Partner
EntreSpace Group

When COVID-19 hit, we had to move fast. Our subscription service for medical offices was in high-demand because it could be adapted to provide a seamless patient experience in work-from-home situations. Storyminers helped us get our story straight!

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