You are in the c-suite at a company you own or lead.

You care about making the most of change. Profits, people, sustainability, and legacy. All of it.

Your business makes money, and more. You believe we (all) can do better and be better off.

I agree.

I am Mike Wittenstein, a strategic advisor to leaders who set big goals, and a creative driver to the teams charged with attaining them. I am a visionary thinker known for successfully launching new services, experiences, and businesses.

Over 40 years (1,000+ engagements in 24 countries with $2B earned), my teams and I have learned that:

Agencies do creative, but not strategy.

Consultants do strategy, but not creative.

And they both leave as soon as their part of a project is done.

Mid-market companies need to eliminate the gap between thinking and doing. That’s what I’ve built Storyminers to do.

What is strategy, if not the story of who you are and where you want to be next? With your people and mine, I lead the development of Future Stories that connect every part of your business, tech, and culture.


IBM earned back a $900M contract with Air Canada

Declan Boland, Principal.

Coupled with supporting financial analysis, [Mike’s] approach helped us land a $900 million air travel account.”

iPay Technologies grew at 100%/year while maintaining the culture (sold to JHA for $300 million)

Michael Bowers, CEO

“We couldn’t have grown profitably and comfortably without Storyminers.”

Transitions Optical developed their Store of the Future concept (led to full acquisition by Essilor)

Renee Himel, Director of Brand Experience

[Mike and his team] developed experiences designed to turn heads and the underlying capabilities our businesses needed to deliver them. I’d love to work with him again.”

Alternative Apparel doubled sales by opening B2C channels (sold to Hanes for $60 million)

Evan Toporek, CEO

We managed to grow our sales over 40%, hire 35 new employees, and we now have highly visible, dedicated floor space in Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macys, and better boutiques throughout the world. Much of our success can be traced back to the work we did with Mike while discovering our company’s Reason for Being.”

McDonald’s doubled unit sales with a digital drive-thru (designed in 1999; introduced in 2018)

Ava Hakim, Creative Director

“Mike’s ability to see things from multiple perspectives and to formulate them into a single comprehensive strategy for building business value through experience, helped to make this project a success.

When people design the future together, everybody wins:

Leaders feel more confident and empowered to implement change

Everyone gets clarity on the destination and how to get there

Teams feel engaged and excited about making the Future Story real

Culture shifts from change-resisting to innovation-seeking

Product and service offerings grow and adapt to customer needs

Customers feel trust and connection with your brand, and join in the journey

I love working with good people to build better businesses. (No jerks ;-) If you’re someone who sees value in leaning into what’s next, who isn’t afraid to try controlled experiments, and who thrives on collaboration, I want to work with you. If you skip over the cheapest solutions and look for the best ones, if you believe in design, and that strategy and execution should work together, I want to work with you. Once we chat, my hope is you’ll feel like working with me too.

OK, that’s it. The rest of the website is just details.

If this aligns with your needs, let’s seize the opportunity to work together.



  • Sounding board
  • Customer sounding board
  • Undercover reviews
  • Executive and team coaching
  • Benchmarking


  • Test new ideas
  • Change agent empowerment
  • Strategy story refresh
  • Solve problems
  • Challenge the status quo

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