Getting ahead in an ever-changing game can be daunting. So can bringing to life a first-of-a-kind idea.
Leaders around the world are learning: waiting for change by force upon means being too late to the game. And in today’s world, being too late may mean the end of the line for your business. There’s no room to react on impulse when you want to thrive. If you want to stay in the game, you need to think ahead, embrace change and lead into the future.

And what is the future, if not a story of who and where you want to be?

Mike Wittenstein

Mike Wittenstein

Visionary and innovator behind Storyminers, a company that specializes in helping leaders embrace what’s next. Storyminers designs strategies that tell a Future Story. One that combines all the elements needed to brainstorm, refine, and implement innovative ideas successfully.

Ready to design ?

Your Future Story is not a document you look at once a year during strategic planning sessions. It’s an adaptive way of thinking, operating and engaging that works all year. It’s an integrated design that connects every piece of your business together. A mentality that is embedded in your culture, and embraced by your employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders.


Storyminers applies design thinking strategies and 40 years of multidisciplinary experience to bridge gaps between first-of-a-kind ideas and their successful execution. We believe that strategy doesn’t end at planning, but lives through the daily processes and culture of organizations. Our goal is not to give you one part of the puzzle and leave you to complete the rest, but to collaborate with you to bring the pieces together, ensuring we all get to the final picture that leads to success.

When you work with Storyminers to develop your Future Story, we bring it to you to design future-focused solutions and experiences that are so clear that your employees and customers will be thrilled to embrace them.

Ready to Try?

Our 90-minute co-thinking session is free to you!

We believe in Future Story so much that we will dedicate 90 minutes to a co-thinking session 100% free. You will enjoy a candid conversation with Mike Wittenstein and experience first hand what success with us feels like. No strings attached; we love future-focused discussions. And if you like what you hear, we will provide you with recommendations of how we could work together for your success.

When leaders start designing the future instead of resisting it, everybody wins:

Leaders feel more confident and empowered to implement change

Everyone gets clarity on the destination and how to get there

Teams feel engaged and excited about making the Future Story real

Culture shifts from change-resisting to innovation-seeking

Product and service offerings grow and adapt to customer needs

Customers feel trust and connection with your brand, and join in the journey

Design a Future your People will Embrace

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