My Nimble experience just keeps getting better

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Last year, I wrote an article about new ways to work. It was based on an interview with founder, Jon Ferrara. Both articles tie how Nimble, a new social selling platform, improves the lives of professional service providers.

Today, Nimble just made my life easier (again) with the release of a new dashboard that saves me even more time and lets me stay focused on ‘the next right thing.’

Nimble’s newly redesigned Today Page is an intuitive, all-in-one dashboard that delivers clear views of the pipeline and the people you plan to engage during today’s meetings, on tasks and via social media. You can communicate authentically with contacts and easily update team members directly from the dashboard.

Today Page Dashboard Overview

Here’s how the Today Page enables users to organize the day, focus on key relationships, and take progressive actions to close business more effectively:

  • Track Deals: Check the status of deals and your overall pipeline, and take progressive actions directly from your dashboard. Click to access engagement history and current insights on the people involved; update deal status, assign tasks, add notes or create new deals.

  • Follow-Up on Tasks: Follow through on today’s to-do’s to cultivate the right deals and connections, personally and at scale.

  • Prepare for Meetings: Glance through today’s appointments and the people you’re meeting. Get prepared by clicking on profiles to see social business insights, sales intelligence and history of communications with your entire team.

  • Network with Highlighted Contacts: Nimble recommends people to contact based on the parameters you’ve set, such as title, location, company or interests.

Nimble makes my professional life much easier to manage—and saves me so much time. That’s what I love the most about it. The other thing, from a customer experience perspective, is that the development and product teams never let up on improving the product and putting in features that create more value for me. Watch Nimble as a case-study-in-the-making on how to do software development/customer experience right!


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