The Problem

Nobody likes over-the-top communications or to feel ‘pushed’ through a seller’s experience. People prefer being in control, so they prefer buyers’ experiences. However, many organizations still treat their future clients in a one-size-fits-all, seller-centric way. It does not have to be like that.

The Solution

Nimble is a new, multi-category software-as-a-service that qualifies prospects, identifies common ground, and engages in authentic, informed conversations to build relationships. It’s all in one tool that anyone can use without specialized training. Best of all, using it does not give others the feeling you are ‘selling’ them.

I have been working with Nimble for a couple of months now.* It is my new go-to tool for finding new prospects, using personal conversations to connect, and tracking my progress.


When I come across someone I would like to meet while reading a post, I typically:

  • jot down their name
  • look them up on LinkedIn
  • decide if I want to connect
  • send an invite and follow them
  • enter their details into my CRM
  • queue them up for follow-up
  • find their contact info (often that is hard)
  • check their social activity when the follow-up comes due
  • connect again
  • lather, rinse, repeat.

Total time per contact: about 10 minutes.


Now, I just:

  • enter someone’s name and any social link into Nimble (I’m using Jamie Turner, a friend and colleague whose LinkedIn video just showed up in my feed)
  • In 10 seconds, Nimble finds all the Jamies

  • I pick the ‘right’ Jamie Turner:

  • I click on the matches for Jamie I’m certain about
  • Nimble brings up a complete dossier on Jamie from numerous online resources
  • It can even find Jamie’s email addresses and phone numbers for me (If you want to give Nimble a try, sign up for Prospector credits. Prospector is the name of the tool that brings back contact info.)

  • Once I click on SAVE DATA, ALL of Jamie’s contact info and social accounts are added

All this without any typing!

Total time per contact: about 3 minutes.

More Cool Features That Save Me Time

  • I can contact my soon-to-be new client by email or any social channel I have connected to Nimble. Nimble lets me tag them and set a follow-up.
  • If my contacts engage before I reach out again, I am alerted. If I am late to respond, Nimble uses the morning dashboard to show me how many days since I have last engaged.
  • Nimble lets me discover prospects, qualify customers, target businesses, enrich contact details, and track/measure email outreach. These are valuable outcomes I get in clicks, not hours.

Why Nimble?

Because Nimble lets me:

  • treat people as human beings, not targets or prospects
  • almost eliminate data entry
  • track deals and activities
  • manage communications

The Bottom Line

If you are tired of how your CRM makes you work the way it does, consider Nimble. It works the way you do!


*Disclaimer: Nimble provided me with software at no charge for evaluation purposes. The company did not compensate me.