Pivot on Purpose for GMPC

A small change in course can change your future. That was the promise of StoryMiners’ PIVOT ON PURPOSE interactive workshop for the Georgia Mentor Protégé Council. The first event was held on April 16, 2019 at AT&T. 

The presentation part of the morning began with an overview of THE SHIFTS THAT SHIFT US TODAY. THE SHIFTS THAT WILL SHIFT US TOMORROW followed. Participants learned the value of pivots and techniques for avoiding bias when trying something new. Proof came from several real-world case studies. 

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Next, participants and mentors participated in discussions to image how those company CEOs instigated the change, won support, pressed on in spite of skepticism, and redefined priorities for the business, the employees, and the culture. Each group reported on their findings. 

Mike Wittenstein speaks at Georgia’s Mentor Protégé Council. Atlanta, GA  April, 2019. 
Photo by Djaren Photography.

Mike Wittenstein shared his belief that the best designed strategies are those that simultaneously please customers, engage employees, and benefit the bottom line. 

Expressing strategy as a story and/or as an experience is one of the fastest and surest ways to earn alignment throughout any organization. In fact, many of the study companies in the presentation used this or a similar approach to innovate, socialize, decide, design, build, and earn adoption for their ideas. 

Georgia Mentor Protégé Council participants share their pivot stories. Atlanta, GA. April 2019.
Photo by Djaren Photography.

Finally, participants studied their own businesses by choosing a pivot. Next, they expressed it using story and experience design. Two volunteers in this wrap-up interactive session got quick uptake from their colleagues and rave reviews for how they presented their new ideas.

You were incredible! I enjoyed your presentation very much yesterday. After 7 years and sourcing close to 100 speaker, I have to say, you are in the Top 1% group. Thank you for spending time with our group today. I have many people requesting your presentation.

Veronica Maldonado, Program Director, Georgia Mentor Protégé Council

Late-breaking news. Please note that Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, is talking about Twitter’s big PIVOT. Instead of following people, people might follow topics

Imagine how that might make the world different (and better). Imagine how much less polarization there might be. Imagine how much more quickly we could get up to speed on critical topics, by jumping into an ecosystem instead of an ego.

StoryMiners helps leaders and their teams get their stories straight. Everything (strategy, branding, service and product design, customer experience, digital transformation, operations, board communications, etc.) gets easier after that!

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