Strategy articulation

We help your ideas become real

Until you know where you’re headed, you can’t tell others how to get there. Imagine how you will feel when you can articulate your strategy clearly, in a way others can understand; in a story that people feel a part of. That’s what gets everyone on the same page. That’s how stories make progress simpler and faster.


Pinpoint issues, blind spots, and opportunities–the ones that lead to lasting advantage. Get the expertise you need to save time, effort, and money, especially around customer and employee experience, story, strategy, and service design.

Uncover the rich narrative that best describes your organization’s purpose, principles, and the value it offers. Finding your story is priceless, and the process is engaging, productive, and fun. With a strong foundation for story in place, you can build, well, anything.

Craft a 20/20, crystal clear view of your future that’s equally inspiring and compelling. One that results in a significant mindset shift among your audience.

“Your future story informs everyone where to go and how to get there together. When your people help write the story—when they are the heroes—you win their engagement, respect, and alignment.​”

Test and refine any story, idea, strategy, service, experience, or brand in an interactive, executive-level workshop. Tailored to fuse prototyping, training, and expert coaching, anyone who walks in fuzzy walks out with clear ideas for earning buy-in and accelerating adoption.

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