emerge stronger on the other side

The secret? Going back to basics and make sure that your company meets the post-pandemic needs of its customers, suppliers and employees. Virtual-First introduces 5 Big Ideas to help you identify and remove the obstacles that hinder teams, customers, suppliers, and partners. So you can adapt—and thrive again as quickly as possible.

In less than 20 years, we’ve faced 9/11, the Great Recession, and now, the Coronavirus pandemic. These unexpected game-changing events have surfaced fear, upheaval, and change—and a burst of innovation and growth. If you are a business leader starting to focus on your new opportunities, Virtual-First may be just what you need. 

read the virtual-first guidebook

Get a peek at what to expect in our new Guidebook. In it, you will hear about five principles that will help you respond (instead of react). Use it as a discussion guide with your team. Talking things out will help everyone feel more confident and comfortable.

take the free ASSESSMENT

Answer a few questions online to get a starter list of change priorities for coming back stronger and better. Then, we’ll review the findings with you on a Zoom call; you will get both self-help options and we-help options for making progress.

What you get

The Assessment

A translation of your assessment of your company into an actionable list of priorities

Specific suggestions to help your organization face change as an opportunity

Follow-up contact with Storyminers

If you are ready to tackle the Virtual-First challenges, there is change management support

Collaboration with other leaders implementing the same priorities as you

Leadership and implementation tools, facilitation, learning from other executives

Personal follow-up to ensure your change program stays on track

Sounding board to maintain a healthy balance between profitability and humanity​

What to expect

Driving change is hard. But, you don’t have to do it alone. Most companies are facing challenges similar to yours. As your guides, we will team you up with other executives working on similar priorities to learn from each other, exchange ideas, share tools and experiences, and to provide inspiration, moral support and a safe place to try out new ideas.
Each group of executives will embark on an 8-week change management journey to explore the changes necessary to succeed in a Virtual-First economy, then to implement them. You will meet weekly with your peers and your Storyminers guide on Zoom to steer change in your company. We will provide a flexible agenda, facilitate discussions, and keep the change management journey moving forward. As you exchange ideas, experiences and tools with your peers driving necessary change in your company will happen more easily. In between weekly group meetings, you will meet with your Storyminers’ guide.

Together, we will make sure the program delivers for your company.
Executives in each group will come from companies of comparable size and with similar issues. Before joining, each leader will have decided to play an active role in preparing their companies for success on the other side, and will have identified the starter priorities for their companies. Do not expect others in your group to share the same title or role in their companies, operate in the same industry, or work in the same geography. This diversity will keep things interesting.

Deliverables will include

Concrete ideas and tools to drive change through your organization

Weekly meetings provide accountability and benchmarks

External perspectives, experience sharing and knowledge transfer from other industries and settings.

At the end of the 8-week program you will have initiated several change management initiatives in your company; you will know the do’s and don’t’s to keep them moving forward, and will understand what results to expect.

You can expect us to:

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