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Screenshot 2020-12-23 11.10.08 Presentations

Best Experiences in the World Keynote Highlights

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Screenshot 2020-12-23 11.25.54 Presentations

Jim Ellis Annual Sales Meeting

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coverstory Articles

Give your customers a retail experience they’ll rave about

It’s well known that, all things being equal, a better customer experience means higher sales, increased customer loyalty, improved word-of-mouth, higher profits and a place …

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StoriedCareers1stEdition Articles

Storied Careers: 40+ Story Practitioners Talk About Applied Storytelling

Imagine an international conversation about many applications of storytelling. That’s what this book aspires to. “Applied storytelling” covers a wide range of disciplines, such as …

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Screenshot 2020-09-01 11.52.39 Articles

Storyminers gives birth to word of mouth advertising

In 2002 when Mike Wittenstein started Storyminers, a boutique customer strategy studio, he wasn’t satisfied with being just another marketing firm. According to Mike, the …

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Screenshot 2020-09-03 13.03.52 Analysis

Sustainable Advantage: Experience Design’s highest and best use

Check this White paper about Experience Design here

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pexels-ali-pazani-2777898 Articles

Store of the Future℠

The Store of the Future is a term that’s jumped around the retail scene for years. Whenever I’ve seen an interpretation of it – it’s …

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