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Chipotle has introduced its first-ever digital-only restaurant called the Chipotle Digital Kitchen. The new restaurant is located just outside the gates to the military academy in Highland Falls, NY and will open on Saturday, November 14 for pick-up and delivery only. Articles

Fast Food. Fast Change.

Some brands are doing great at adapting to the massive amounts of change in our world. Overview Chipotle impressed me this week with a new …

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Coffee Break Chat with Mike Interviews

Coffee Break Chat with Mike Wittenstein

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a20 Podcasts

Setting up for CX success: Mike Wittenstein’s 7 core tips for nailing your customer experience design

Mike is the CEO of Storyminers. They help leaders win adoption for their boldest ideas and strategies. They know why people fight change, and how to …

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5fb6035fa20fc05613c009e1_Mike-Wittenstein-youtube--THUMBNAIL Interviews

Storytelling for navigating change ft. Mike Wittenstein

PeopleHum helps companies reimagine their employee experience with products that that bring out the best in people. I was on their podcast recently and they …

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high-loop Analysis

Going From Point A to Point B? Take the long way.

100 Architects‘ work is all about turning concrete into color and pathways into experiences.   Check out their recent entry to transform an urban walkway …

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maxim-ilyahov-0aRycsfH57A-unsplash Tools

Be Found: How Moosend helps our marketing strategy

In this category of Storyminers’ blog, we talk about the client-facing and back-end tools that have helped us create our clients’ experiences. For 20+ years, …

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1602167412937 Podcasts

Office Politics and The Fine Art of Sucking Up

This dynamic trio really turn up the heat on the controversial topic: ”OFFICE POLITICS AND THE FINE ART OF SUCKING UP!” Certainly, an episode not …

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everyday-entrepreneurs-everywhere-zpkXU9LxEhR-S256QBD3w-V.1400x1400 Podcasts

Everyday Entrepreneurs Everywhere interviews Mike Wittenstein

Everyday Entrepreneurs Everywhere is the delightfully simple podcast where real entrepreneurs share their secrets on how they focus, prepare, deliver and grow their business! Simplify …

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front-page-hp-1-1 Analysis

Case Study: How Nimble CRM Helped CX Experts StoryMiners Reinvent Their Own Customer Experience

Mike Wittenstein is the founder of StoryMiners, one of the world’s first customer experience design consultancies. The company is renowned for its ability to hone …

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Speak_Thumbnail Analysis

What’s in a Speaker’s Kit

What a speaker’s kit should contain and how to organize one   A Speaker’s Kit is a multi-page summary for meeting planners and event owners …

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2017-20-July-On-the-Road Articles

It’s the Journey That Matters: Improving Customer Experience and Loyalty

Corporate Values Must Be Aligned With Those of the Customer Not only has 2020 brought many changes to the world as a result of the …

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pexels-startup-stock-photos-7376 Analysis


Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a popular term that speeds software products and other services through the design process. The concept’s essence is to release …

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Blog-3-CLS-768x432 Articles

Customer Focused Business Culture

Customer Focused Business Culture Tips Creating a standout customer experience is an all-hands approach. Every employee needs to understand the importance of their individual contribution …

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laurynas-mereckas-1TL8AoEDj_c-unsplash Articles

EyeforPharma CX Report

What is CX? Customer experience (CX) is a marketing revolution that’s gaining ground in the pharmaceutical industry. Many industry leaders will have already heard about …

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marten-bjork-FVtG38Cjc_k-unsplash Opinions

And the Customers Tweeted Happily Ever After

What makes a story stick around? Why do we enjoy hearing some stories again and again? More importantly, how do you turn your brand into …

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Media Appearances

Over the years, Storyminers and Mike Wittenstein have received recognitions and recommendations for their work on the field of customer experience. Here is a recollection of some of these.


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