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Hand of a businessman making a light bulb of puzzle pieces and hand drawn lines. Over blue background. Analysis

Storytelling for innovation

If your strategy includes a new service, product, or platform, one of the best ways to get started is not with a story at all! …

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Screenshot 2021-03-11 11.18.52 Interviews

Market-Proven Ideas to Keep Your CX Transformation on Track

During this CX Quick Tips expert, Mike Wittenstein joins this week’s CX Quick Tips (less than 10-minutes) discussion with CX Expert and Editor in Chief …

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maps-NQ7Z94F Analysis

Storytelling in driving change

It’s a misconception to believe that stories can drive change or make it happen. The root of that belief is that leaders can ‘make’ people …

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Little boy with dog in studio Analysis

The hero of any truly effective story isn’t the teller, it’s the listener.

One of the things you need to know about storytelling is that it pivots around the storyteller. If the storyteller isn’t effective or credible, chances …

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We’ve Seen the Future and You’re Going to Love It

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Business Startup Communication Planning Strategy Concept Analysis

Storytelling as a management tool

Storytelling has been around as long as humans have. It’s ingrained in all of us. It’s how we pass down tacit knowledge, teach our children …

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State-of-CX-Title-Page-1 Analysis

State of Customer Experience 2020 – Northridge Report

If you’re a customer experience practitioner, the responsibility of proving that what you’re planning will work may be falling on your shoulders. Getting the latest …

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Blog-Podcast-[WeDontPlay) Podcasts

(A.G.E) The Power of Brand Storytelling

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Interview (1) Interviews

How CX Thinking Will Help Us Prepare for the Next Pandemic

These are challenging times we’re living in—living through might better capture what we’re going through globally. Not only are the people feeling the strain, so …

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Case Study: iPay

Imagine it’s 2021, and your business is growing because everyone is on board with your vision and everyone is on the same page to help make …

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Storyminers 3.0 Launch

Time seems to pass by quicker these days. We hope you and those you care about are well and that your business is adapting to …

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